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I often play rhythm games but it's not like I live entirely in that bubble, other games are also welcome! Sometimes not good with reviews but honest
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I often play rhythm games but it's not like I live entirely in that bubble, other games are also welcome! Sometimes not good with reviews but honest
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Don't really like the anime a little but this game takes the cake. It's really unique and the scouting for me is pretty good.

Extremely Beginner Friendly but not really Free To Play friendly. When you start off, you're given all these items and characters for upgrades which is very generous of them. The scout even has a free 6 and 5 Star scout for the first time. They also have these daily scouts for free.

Sad thing is, if you're quite competitive and want more. MD is extremely difficult for a newbie to gain. Scout for x11 can be 250 but 125 for some 1st step scouting. 25 MD is equivalent to Max Stars 4 Story Quests. Story quests get harder as it goes on so basically a newbie can't depend too much.

The game is alive and well so events come by often so make sure to check them especially collaborations. I'm still mad I got step 4 and still no Persona 5 Characters at all and my classmate had 2 features by 1st spin ;-;

If you have free time in your hands, it can be used for equipment grinding in events or in the beginner recommendation. Don't panic if the equipment doesn't match the illustration, it may not matter at some times unless you're a perfectionist lmao

Final Fantasy Awakening


I was really into this game since it was very free to play friendly, I already reviewed this on google play but sadly the game is now out of service??

Can't forget my look when I kept getting maintenance only to find out it was dropped or shutdown. It was a good game nonetheless, too bad I didn't get to try out the marriage system ;-;



I don't know why but I keep humming the intro sequence whenever I remember the game during a stroll or a ride back home. It's pretty aesthetic and I got to know a lot of great songs in this game and all ended up in my Google Music!

Gumball's World, Wilt, Skyhigh and To My Friend were my favorites! I was really glad I got to know those songs because I can just never find them even when searching randomly so I'm glad this game got taste [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

Keys are pretty hard to get if you're not that good with the game since they unlock stories and keys are given with them. I end up writing down the song's name i want to unlock in the future if the preview tickles me ear lmao

Cytus II


I arrived for the miku pack but ended up staying anyway lolol

The songs are actually quite lit and been playing for 2 years, got to chase down their sales discount on google play [開心][開心]

There was also a remix of all the character's main themes and it was the best leitmotif i have ever heard

Even thou-
[User has been banned]

Game of Dice


Played this for 3 years and so far I've been a free to play player. Yes, it is true that the game is really pay to win with better cards,characters and items but so far it only applies to tournaments. Normal Matches don't really have overpowered players much so it's kind of a safe haven.

I like how the game is about strategy and it's kind of unique in my opinion. They give out 1k diamonds every update regarding about new characters or seasons so be in the look out for that.

It is sad that f2p players stare at the gacha and see these op looking cards and it just defeats your batch/deck so much. For me, I'd recommend rolling for cards when you get the 1k diamonds every update. Characters really don't mean much if you have Alice's New Year or OG since it'll just carry you to the higher leagues.

Upgrading your items and everything is too difficult to be honest like too many diamonds that are difficult to obtain easily and these character upgrade cards that are impossible to look for??

If you do have crap cards, that's definitely gonna be the end of you. Don't put "Turn-Limited" cards too much because often times a game ends in around 15 or 12 rounds. With starter hands, fill it with "Conquer-Related" cards so it's faster to get cities. Those kind of cards do have some luck based but it will all depend on your dice sometimes.

At least for me, often times my opponent's hand is pretty predictable. I mostly have "Counter" cards in my deck since they can bitch slap the opponent's voodoo effects on me or something like that easily.

The fastest way to win a match is literally "Toll-Boosts" and "Conquer-Cities" deck/cards. Conquer as much cities as you can in the first 5 rounds and apply toll increase in them then with some Abracadabra magic, you can pull em, push em, tornado em, teleport em or some card that has a reason to move em then bam!

One opponent bankrupt then repeat for the 2 opponents or you can just wipe them both instantly. They do have items that counter your teleportation trickery so back-up plan just in case.

Overall, the game is fun and free to play if you stick to the normal matching that consists of newbie players. Tournaments and some other fancy modes do get you bankrupt instantly since that's where pay to win players dine [開心][開心][開心]

Played this 3 years ago and still doing so today. Sadly, i left for a year due to a busy life and when I came back, there really wasn't much to do? Been trying to check in every month but somehow events weren't really a thing anymore.

Nothing much to do except go on dates for new personalities and just work for exp. Speaking bout exp, getting a 3rd boyfriend at this point is too difficult. I don't even remember how I got to Level 30 quickly, exp is too high for each level so it's a lot of work and work. Visiting is like 3 exp so like [汗顏][汗顏]

A3! | English


Was kinda shocked at first that the gameplay was all there was not until I actually paid attention way more at the story and was like "This is what i'm targetting for" [色色] Ever since i knew Masumi, my face was cleared and my problems just straight out ended themselves (。>﹏<)(。>﹏<)(。>﹏<)

I don't think there's really much to do with the game unless you're hungry for those stories. Gacha also hates me in this game, currency is quite hard to get and confusing??? Kinda lost meaning to me a bit so the story is carrying my rating rn lolol ( ~'ω')~( ~'ω')~

Recommended tho if you're into storytelling, that's possibly the only thing you want to target kekekekeke( ゚∀゚)o彡゚( ゚∀゚)o彡゚

First time playing a game like this and surprisingly my encounter with this game was quite unsual. Looking for new games to play, found a racing game that has a baby system somehow, plays it to check then ends up being addicted [汗顏][汗顏][汗顏]

Playing it as a joke somehow became one of my favorite games. There's still cons about it though... Those apparels in the shop better chill down because 17k for a permanent dress and is somehow 4k for 7 days? [發火][發火]

Also, some good cars are not really easy to obtain which means you're gonna have to stick to shitty cars with low speed so even so, your tricks and techniques won't work cuz of how slow ur car is [發困] Most Cars are from events/workshop in which end pretty quickly and the materials for workshop aren't even easy to get [發怒]

Their events are quite strict with schedules, they don't even bother try to stretch it out for a few days. Events that require materials and are earned from missions everyday are too strict. Like you miss a day/mission on that event, the last item won't be activated cuz of the missing material. Perhaps not calculate the duration of event to the total of materials you'll need to activate the items/rewards??? Stretch it out a bit [汗顏]

Gameplay is fine, pretty unusual for me so I gave it a good rating tho they really needa fix the whole "glitching when bumped into a wall or fell into the water". Imagine you as a 1st place, the 2nd placer fell into the water and somehow glitched it's way infront of you, losing your placement as 1st placer [汗顏][汗顏] all because of some water wielder trickery [汗顏][汗顏][汗顏][汗顏]

Huge reminder that the game does not want you to own permanent items at all like lmao [開心][開心][開心] Beginner Support is filled with 30 days and 7 days. Even the loot boxes are annoying with their expiry drifts, traces and apparels like wat? Even the purple box's car is like 10 days. So like, if you get a car from a box or event, don't be surprised, it'll definitely have an expiry date.

Don't invest tech points in cars that expire because you'll never know when they'll come back especially those in workshops, don't have hope for charges that are near due date. Don't charge x10 either, you'll get shitty expiry drifts eitherway and only charge 1 bar [發怒]

You're pretty much welcome for the gameplay but anything else, you'd be buried under [汗顏][汗顏][汗顏][汗顏]

Edit: The thing with expiry items especially apparels, sell them immediately. They will turn into apparel chips and 100 of this can turn into 1 premium chip which can be exchanged for PERMANENT apparels that actually look good. The exchange shop doesn't really change so take your time. This doesn't apply to drifts and traces though since it's worth 1 Gold only ;-;

Has many functions/branches which makes it fun [開心] But goddamn they better chill out with that storage cuz my poor gamer ass can't relate _(√ ζ ε:)_ I just love that I can interact with my dear Natsuki at the very least. It's a sacrifice i have to make ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

Gacha is kinda hating on me, not much good pulls so far so i just stick to the beauty of the gameplay [大哭][大哭] I'm also scared of their step gachas cuz jesus that's a lot of steps than our stairs to the 2nd floor [為什麼] Prism kinda hard to get for me unless i mess around the UI or do more lives [汗顏][汗顏][汗顏]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


Been playing since release. Storyline kinda a "meh" for me but is still good, just some parts just had me go "Wait, what was it again?" 😴😴 Gameplay also gives me a heart attack when it stops at the line but that's not really the problem. It's a little boring in my opinion, tapping only during "awakening" and just wait for it to happen again 🌚

Square Up Leviathan tho ✊✊✊

Such a classic, this is where I had my master skill of rhythm games lmaoaoao [耍帥][耍帥] Gacha rate really isn't my friend so most of my URs are birthdays or free in events [大哭] Attend events as often as you can because they're really helpful with cards or stuff, especially with collaborations. Complete all live missions cuz thats how Love Gems are born (u can milk out master mode if you can survive till the end lolol) [怪笑] and story as well.

It is depressing to get R or SR cards in x10 pulls [發火] but they can be useful in missions that require a certain amount of idolized cards.

Also praise the Almighty Ohara Mari ✊[色色]✊[色色]✊[色色]✊[色色]

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