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Limbus Company


This game is weird but good weird

My phone is running the game smoothly and PC as well
Very unique/interesting battle system i don't think i have ever seen it again
I don't think i dislike any of the character's (currently)
Pull rate's are fine
Give's a lot of currency to pull so if you are not satisfied with your pulls you can re try
Tutorial is very detailed even if you don't understand something they explain it really well
Storyline has a nice depth that i was missing from new games
Seen a few people making comment's about auto clearance , auto or x2 and etc you don't need these to enjoy the game
Give's us an extra option in the fight's against bosses (Clay doll or sacrifice a sinner)

Battle pass not cheap(15$)

It's worth a try and play it more than 5 minute's trust me you will enjoy it

One of the best games in the store , what can i say more to do it justice?

3D models are soooo GOOD
They keep adding new content and new stuff to do
Amazing collaborations
I have been playing persona since the 1st one in ps1 and i don't think i will stop in the near future
Demon's from all the game's old one's new one's
Great event's

None honestly some would argue about the gacha rate but i think they are fine

One of the best game's out there in it's genre and definitely the best for walking dead .

Character's from the comic's ,TWD telltale game too
Many different version's of them
Arena is hard
If you havent strarted the game and wanna try it give you a lot of material to start and grow fast
You can progress the game without having to spend money
Game give's you enough token's to try your luck to draw character's
Community is still friendly after all those years [哇噻]
Arena isn't that hard you can get very far without cash
Choice's in main story matter

Gacha rate's are greedy
To get S tier character's you need some luck too

Give it a try if you like TWD comic's or not [微笑]

I think it's was one of the worst game's ever that Square Enix has ever made about FF but they made some serious improvement's but still not my taste of cup i played it 5 years ago for few months but still for it's mediocre at best .

That we see heroes from the FF Universe?
We see monsters from FF Universe
Community is still friendly

Like all the other strategy/survival get's boring after a while
When you launch it it freeze's sometime's and you have to restart the game
I didn't see the major updates i was hoping for

Game is mediocre at best

You can play with friends
Its ok to pass your time
I dont know if there are only player playing the game or bots as well
They have some nice character's like
Phycho Queen (Harley Quinn)
Destrologist (Lara from TR)
Viper(Jinx from lol )
And they are in store for 100$ each

White Out Survival


its not a bad game it is something different from the other survival/strategy games

The snowy themed is something unique and different
its nice that you have a furnace as your main building to upgrade it so the people wont die from cold and etc

After a while it gets a bit boring like all the rest games after a while

Ultimate Sackboy


It's mediocre at most

If you like sackboy it's great
I wont say that it dosnt have potential but i am a bit disappointed this got released in 2023 not 10 years ago

You get way too little gold from run's to upgrade your items
1st place
3rd place 2 gold
If you buy the battle pass you have an advantage against the other players and i dont say it just for the bags but the gold it gives you as an example level 3 without pass you get 200 and if you get the pass 2000 which i think is a bit unfair cyz it's really hard to grind gold .
It needs an endless mode really bad so that you can enjoy it more but like temple run , subway surfers minions rush and etc .
It would be nice to compete against friends see their scores , try to beat them race together and etc
The race is 40s
Plus why the random scores?it should be pvp online not beat
someone's randoms score

I would give it another chance but propably after a few updates tell me what you think guys

Tomb Raider Reloaded


I though it would be way worse than this but i can say i am amazed
50 stage's for one chapter is a bit much and you have to play carefully but if you select the right bonuses for each Chapter you will progress easier to the next chapter's than you think

It's not that bad
Iconic character ,iconic gear iconic enemies
Nice events with easy ways to get all outfit's without spending cash
No need to pay cash to progress the game
There are many annoying enemies but if you find their pattern it will be easier to defeat them
They changed Angel with Anaya many might not know her she did appear in the TR Legend
As well as the Devil is now Werner Von Croy the mentor of Lara plus they added Winston (Butlet of Lara) when you want to see an advertisement to get a bonus
5 Level's on Peru and 5 in Greece
No storyline just different level's

There is room for improvement can't wait[哇噻]

KartRider: Drift


Game isnt bad comparing other games of the same kind .

Very good animations
You can play with frienda either on mobile or pc
kart racing will always be nice a good idea feom mario to sonic and etc
You can play many modes either solo 2 or 4 people on the same team
The more you play you get more rewards(emotes)

Queue some days takes too long to find a game

Played the original around 2004-2005
My expectations are ok atm but i wanna see the modes we had on original game which got shut down but we got KartRider we are fine for now [色色]

Postknight 2


Have played this game since the release its very good but after a while you might get bored you do the same stuff over and over again .

I lize Raz more than most characters
animations skills characters not something amazing or AAA but they are good
Great events
Batlle Pass cheap and easily achievable with great skins each time .
Story is good and the game is not that easy you need to grind a bit to get material to buy the gear oe do the dungeon to drop some more elite one .
I would prefer if our choicea had aome impact in the game wither the choice to help Raz or almond or even draw them away idk it would be fun .

None?Maybe grinding but no

Heroes Never Die!


Well i waitted until the full release towrite the review to see if any major things changed .

Storyline was ok could be way worse 'the fallen prince and his army that got defeated by the dark forces and his soul seeks vengeance.
Animations were the good part either from skills standpoint or enemys and the prince and his army

If you dont like afk game this is not for you even if you do like them still dont try it with your hopes up its a disappointment.
Not anything major changed after the official release i didnt even noticed many of them at start .

Maybe in few patches it will be worth i might revit in few months or weeks

Undecember | Global


Took a while to write a review for this game as a game its so awesome in overall

Graphics if you have a mobile or though an emulator that can support the high specs and you can run then you can see the big changes it offers from med graphics but it take more battery from your phone .
Story its not that different from other games like it but its nice
Gameplay is amazing i love the weapons skills and that you can change the skill of auto attack its really handy
I really like the Halloween 🎃 event

Just the shop prices for costumes and etc

And something last for me and for the people that have played diablo and torchlight , because i have played them as well i think its kinda bettter in a lot of aspects but that's my humble opinion [白眼]
You should try it if you have time

BrownDust Story


I was waitting for this game and i can say i am pretty happy in overall [哇噻]

We see characters that we are fond or we hate [開心] from [Brown Dust(for old players like me)]Brave Nine Tactical RPG(i play both) game which is really good
Graphics are good no complains
Story is intresting (at least to me) it has occupied me and i keep wanting to see what will happen next

Like in any gacha they dont care about the players
they just want money with low drop rates and etc sure we see that in many gacha's but it doesn't mean you cant enjoy the game without spending money .
I believe as a f2p you can enjoy it as well if you are willing to i know i am and i want to

If you did download it to think Neoniz would change something its on you [不滿]

Truth to be told i was expecting this thing sooo long by any rate its not a masterpiece or game of the year material .

My first though were yay another sao game it got hyped a bit not like cyberpunk but you feel me .

Nice to see all the band back together story its not that bad they could picked worst things
Graphics are ok there is a room for improvement depends on what device you are playing (i am playing at high and the game is smooth)
Fights are nice smooth i love them

Character models could have been way better but bandai i dont think gives a damn they love money way too much to make it better as a game
If you were experiencing this amazing game i am sure they did let you down but you should know thats how bandai works
Gacha rates well the classic bandai ones meh
have seen people say about the bugs , black screen , not connecting and etc well to be honest i had no problems at all i guess i am from the lucky ones
I have finished the game
I think game is a bit easy [發困]

Maybe they can fix many issues maybe they wont we will see lets have patient shall we?

Path to Nowhere


By all means its not a bad game but i think they are a lot of similar games mainly i mean on the gameplay
tower defense with waifus .

Graphics are very good
Story not really something that can captivate me with all the sinners thing but its my taste
Gacha i wouldnt say its that bad as drop rate but there are others with better obviously

Grind for ever
80 pulls are a bit much for guaranteed 'S' and not many ways to f2p with hypervubes [無語][耍帥]

All the game's that are coming out they dont have meaningful story which is sad plus not even as player dont want a story just play and if it has nice waifus and husbandos

Torchlight: Infinite


I was expecting torchlight for a while it's the only alternative i have to diablo .

It has few classes and they are intresting like the games on pc they not the classic warrior,archer,mage they do have intresting spells
Story is decent i like aria but the rest is mediocre at the best
Graphics are ok classic torchlight style
Aria follows you around all the time so that kick ass

That our character dosnt have voice and lines main character dosnt speak
Maps are not that big wish they werw a bit bigger
There is no pet to send in town to sell your items but maps are not that big .

I dont think i have major issues or complains the game had good potential but we have to wait for the updates
Everyone should try it its an intresting game (was expecting worse)but is really good

Well my honest opinion is that the game is ok just decent .
All the other games of aot haven't really stayed in the stores for long periods of times lets hope that we will be able to enjoy for a longer period as others said as well .

Well the basic game is fine it could be better but there is major potential to elevate the game up there with the other gachas
The character design its not bad reminds me of chibi characters (for me at least)

The game should be better it looks like its a game from early access its like its not a full game yet .(hopefully yhey can fix that with new updates and get it in a better state)

The servers are lagging a lot i had few crashes ,black screen and in a point that you talk with levy it crashes or game stucks.(Tryed it on 3 different devices and had it in all)

If you cant speak the language its a problem (for now)

Lets wait and see have fun everyone

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


Its not a bad game it has some potential to be very good but we will have to see

To tell you the truth my expectations were kinda big
i am a big fan of the ragnarok series

The gameplay is decent even though they do the battle by themselves the main thing you in battle's is to use the cards
at least in battle's
The main hero (Rina) is pretty interesting i wasn't expecting that
The only gacha mechanic is the cards which you can upgrade
There is an auto path-questing too for the people that get bored to walk
The engage of the battle's reminds me the way you engage at final fantasy .




In overall a very good game that is not a bad choice to play in the huge sea of RPG -MMO games

The animation its really good
The story it's decent
Not many classes but at least more than the usual 3 main ones than most RPG-MMO have

Not from the best game's that the genre has to offer but its up there from the 'big sea'
Limited customizing on the characters creation and clothes

I dont know if i will play long this game but it's interesting for the near future hopefully it gets more intresting at the end game

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