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Valiant Force 2 | Global


Great game that didn't deserve to shut down .

Rich story,great characters
Graphics are very nice
Great game for f2p
The drop rate was very generous

I can't say a bad word. The game is way too good .

Tomorrow, the game will be shutted down. I wish we could play more .

It was honoured to try and enjoy the game for as long as we did .

If you are a fan get ready to be disappointed a lot


I wasn't expecting a good story or something wow but this is really bad
Drop rate is really bad
They dont give you any currency to pull any character's so i guess you either keep them to try to pull your favorite heroes or buy bundles
Bundles are not worth it
It's just a classic idle game, devs want all our money
Only thing a bit intresting is that you can refresh your pool of the character's that you can pull but still it's only for one hour not really worth
Animation's are mediocre at best

It's not salvageable at all way better games in the store

First of all i am a big fan of Tokyo ghoul but we haven't got any good game's from it

We do see the character's from the series
Story is the same from what i see
It has some potential but
It has a daily free pull (i guess it's something from nothing)

At first that kind of skill(card's) was unique but lately many games have this way of fighting so i guess it's getting a bit stale
Drop rates are alright nothing crazy about it

The game has some potential but we will see



Pubg New State is kinda better if your phone can handle it otherwise old one is fine as well

Pubg New State has :
When you play as a squad and your teammates are gone/dead you can revive an 'enemy' and become a team but only if there is a space in your team
ii)A new map
iii)Their server's are more stable
iv)less players than Pubg Mobile
v)Better graphic's more realist sounds and etc
and a lot more thing's plus the thing is that it's not Pubg now
it's New State Mobile so i guess they are trying to make it a different game? we will see

Garena Free Fire MAX


Not much to say that i haven't for the normal one

Has better graphic's and sound.
More realist animation's and sound's as well

If you have and older phone probably the FF is better for your phone

Garena Free Fire


For the time it came out it was amazing still is probably the most popular battle royal on the phone

it's still to this day very good
Has a very big community still to this day the game is full with people
Crazy battle passes
You don't need to pay money to enjoy it
The more you play can get voucher's

When the game started used to give diamonds if you woulk watch ad's but the last few years change that

It's not game of the year caliber but the game is fun and we don't have that many hack and slash game's if you like that kind of game give it a try

It has 4 different classes/character's you can select from
Graphic's and animation's/skills are pretty decent
Battle Pass is around 10 euros it has some interesting items like the aura at the final level
Drop rate it's not that bad
The game itself give you a lot of item's and help's in the start even skin's as well which i was expecting them to oversell them but until now they don't
Combo's are amazing for all the classes
Music in on point and amazing

General bundle's are a bit expensive and not worth their priece

I was expecting it since it got announced but it didn't exactly meet my expectations

Graphic's are alright
Drop rate is decent enough that you can play as a f2p

The overall story is mediocre/main character too weak
Same gacha game all over again, there are better games 'out' there

Blood Knight: Idle 3D RPG


To tell you the truth i am not a big fun of idle game's but some of them are nice but for this one i am not that sure

Graphics are nice and it's the strongest point of the game
If you like idle just idle games you will love it
It give you plenty of diamond's to pull weapon/accessory
The price's of the pass are alright

It's just idle game nothing more
No story they usually try to add a story but on this one nothing
more just quest's level up, increase atk, hp, crit etc
It's a male blonde character that kill's everything in one sentence

It's just another digimon game that's mediocre at best .

Its 3D most digimon games are 2D in the phone
Music/Sounds are fine

There are so many digimon games released, which i think most of them if not all are just bad copy's of each other
I am starting to think that even playstation 1 games were better
Story is the same basic thing
Haven't played the game much because it crushes most of the time at loading or at selecting server
They have to many servers , i joined 729 in the 'launch' day

I don't have many thing to say that you don't know already i have been playing since 2013 when it was got released .

It's the same thing's so many years and i cant get bored of it nowdays i play mostly pvp not pve as i have completed everything
Chinese version is better than the european
Crazy Dave and Penny ftw best team ever
Best tower game in the market still

A bit stale after 10 year's
For many plant's you have to use cash to buy them which is lame but they have to get money somehow

We need a new game in the franchise

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes it's a bit p2w
PvZ 3 started the beta in different country's since 2019 no official release yet
PC games are good but dead(multiplayer) in overall

NBA All-World


Mediocre game
Niantic is making a lot of these game's since they start Pokemon Go

It was an alright game to pass your time but it was probably the worst one that ever made
Different from the other one's
You can boost your stat's with getting gear

Pvp was boring
Hard to obtain player's

It did officially shut down at 22/9/23

I was kinda expecting it to be boring but it didn't
The game is still in Beta

Graphics are paper cartoonish which is something different i like them not everything needs to have AAA graph's
You can play with friend's which is handy if you want to team up
You get 2 chest's without paying one commons 10minute and one uncommon every 4 hour's
Nice Music on the lobby
You can have attachments on your weapons (with diamonds)
The prices are alright atm they have only a pumpkin mask and the classic gold/diamond
Maybe after few fight it will get boring

There is no battle pass right now

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught


It's a decent addition on the series

Music is a plus
Story/Cutscene are fine
You don't need energy to do the story mode only in side stories but it's gone very fast and take's a while to get full

The bundle's are a bit overpriced
Drop rate is not that great
Game doesn't give us orb's to pull character's

There is no battle pass right now

LYSSA: Goddess of Rage


It's salvageable but it needs a lot of work .

It's an alright game nothing special
I haven't seen that kind of battle system before , kinda nice for a change
Graphics are the strong point of the game and the combat system

There is no story just PVP and a leaderboard of league's
No grinding cyz the only way you can get boxes is by PVP to get mercenaries to lvl them up and etc
After 23-24 lvl is very hard
Battle pass cost's 25 euro which is way too much for any game and specially a new game , plus it's not that impressive
In general everything is overpriced an example {25 euros for a 'legendary' and 10k coins}

Reverse: 1999 | Global


The hype was big, and they delivered .

Cbt was alright, but the actual games is beyond what i was expecting . It exceeded my expectations 100% .
The story is rich and different
Graphics are great
Spells/Visuals/Character creation exceptional
Music is amazing
Battle pass is alright. The price is 10 euros

Energy is refilling a bit slow

Great game worth a look

Graphics are great
Energy refill is quick (1 min = energy )
The story is alright. It's nothing crazy but it's better than the other spongebob games on mobiles
It's better than the older spongebob games
There is no need to spend cash to enjoy it
You rebuild Bikini Bottom the way you want to

Most of the actions need a lot of energy(like cleaning area's)
I saw few people complain about it, but for me it doesn't really matter. It's not the only game i play, so when i am done with another game i return here so i dont know why the hate

I was kinda excited about it and i can say they didnt disappointed .

i was expecting it to be like The walking Dead : Survivors another mmo/strategy or whatever those games are .
It has the characters from the comics not the series
game is chill community friendly , full with alliances
You get a lot of gold as a F2P you don't need to throw money to the game


Great game excited my expectations

It's a classic jrpg (fights-visuals) reminding me the good old days of FF (final fantasy) either the first games or the tactics series takes you back to the past .
Combat system (Player abilities ,Break system, Animations,
Sound is unique and seriously EPIC
Nice collab's
It's a f2p single player jrpg it's not neccesary to buy currency i am playing f2p since launch and pretty good
You can start so many 'side quests'
And you can do the quests in the order you like

Will it be crazy if i say none?
Some people might not like that you cant skip the scenes but i like them so i don't mind at all

I have played all the Octopath game's it's not better than any of them but it's a free game and it's pretty decent why complain ?

The game has somewhat of potential and fun BUT the cash shop price are so high they think they sale cheap but not at all .

Gameplay - Story
Community friendly as always

Stamina is going fast
Too much grind i want to enjoy a game without having to put my hand deep in my pockets

If i remember well in Test everything wad different bonuses , no cash grabbing deals it's not rare to see the developer's to see us as money .
Its not anymore on the app figure out why

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