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Bullet Echo


Great game
Many character's to unlock , 2-3 modes to play you can try solo or team up with friends it has event's often that give you boxe's to obtain gear , skins and etc
Very friendly to new players and easy to unterstand the mechanics

Shining Maiden | English


Pretty decent gacha game
The graphics are cute and nice and the skill animations are pretty solid
It has daily dungeons ,a tower with floors like many gacha's in the the store and give's some good rewards and labyrinth
You can have 4 character's in your team and each of them give you a slot to use the available ability card's like 7DS(7 deadly sin's)
And from what i have seen the community is friendly

Rebirth Online


Just another Rpg-mmo there are way better games on that category

Civilization VI


Its not enough playing time but stil decent game for a demo

Action Taimanin | Global


Pretty decent hack and slash gacha game

Well just another rts (real time strategy) rpg game it's a bit different and u can pass ur time but for nothing else

Guardian Tales | Global


Its amaziiiiing
i really thought ar first that it would be crap but all my worries were banished very fast .
The gameplay is amazing
Story excellent
I really love that they dont have an auto button it would made me get bored very easily cyz it's always a tempetion to do them the easy way(daily's,dungeons and etc .)
It's a different gacha from all the rest out there and better than most .[色色][色色][色色][色色]

Lord of Heroes


Pretty decent game i was expecting something way more mediocre .
Storyline isnt bad
Character pretty decent and plus u can select the genre and hair of your main character
Sometimes english get replaced with another language
Worth a try

SINoALICE | Global


I was pretty hypped about this game and i can say i am enjoying it a lot now .
Storyline is pretty good .
From character's all the basic one's are free with the 1st mission u do for each of their story and pretty decent all of them .
Different from other gacha's ) gameplay prospective ).
Worth a try !

Pokémon Café Mix


Its pretty sweet game it remind's me clocktower or bubble witch but a bit different

Exos Heroes


Pretty decent gacha game worth a try

Detective S


Pretty good game something different

Pretty decent gacha game worth a try

Another idle game it's decent but there are waaay better idle games to choose

Senki Strike | Japanese


It's like worms but waaay better very nice game to pass your time

I have been playing few months now and the only negative thing is that it takes too long to find a game not many people play it i guess but still a pretty decent MOBA

Classic city building with farms,wood metal army and etc with zombies i havent seen try hards at all i can gladly say the game is relaxing worth a try even though the trailer is a lie .

Pretty good game
Give's you all character's for free if u get all the star's from each episode .
enjoyable nice mechanic's a different gacha game .

Hot Street Basketball


It's ok to pass your time .
match making is crap



Best battle royale game at the moment and it' free to play and give's player motivation with free skin's items and etc not like the rest battle royale games

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