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Blue Archive | Japanese


Good game.. I give my applaud for YoStar..
If only my phone can play this without stuttering and become really hot..
I hope there will be native PC client, because I just prefer playing game on PC..

Good as a side game.. You can skip/sweep almost everything.. Farming mats didn't involve RNG, which I like.. Getting SSR to 7* is a bit hard because many of them shards are gacha only, you can use golden ticket to buy shards tho, albeit taking a long time..
As for gacha, not too bad, it took me under 100 pulls to get new chara usually..
The sound in this game is a bit bad, but I usually play muted for all games..

Your shipgirls now have abyss form.. [哇噻]
Not too lewd unlike the other game..
Gacha is also generous..
What make this game better, in my opinion, is the auto-repeat function.. I can grind easy.. The other game doesn't have this feature, that the grind become a chore, so much that I hate that game now..

Zold:out | Japanese


Good game, but crashed every 5 minutes on my phone. So I uninstalled.

Wild Girls | Japanese



CUE! - See You Everyday


The gameplay is simple yet complex at the same time.. I like the art and voice acting.. 4* rate isn't that bad at 5%..

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