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Yo! This apps pogg
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Yo! This apps pogg
Game Comments (2)

this game is amazing 😠💞💕 this game is a big poggers if you love some sort of fighting game, gacha, and building characters

well, even tho some of the events are p2p, but you still can play f2p as well, probably going to my top fav game list

I've been playing the JP version and to be honest i was blinded because they use kanji and i can't read japanese bruh

the interface was a little bit confusing butim sure you will understand it quickly

Get Rich | Korean


KGR is so much better than LGR, like- the rng rolls alot of good cards and pendants, they also got a guide of how to use it, even tho the server is a little bit laggy im still ok with it

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im confused any vpn to play uma musume? i have no idea how to enter this game :'( Read Note
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