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SIF2 is just a little weird to me. I was quite surprised when I found out both SIF and All Stars were shutting down simultaneously, since I always thought the latter was supposed to outlast the former.
But then new idols came, and they never got content on All Stars, so I guess it made sense for them to debut on a new platform were the focus wasn't on one generation of idols in particular, but rather on all of them instead.
With that being said though, I am sorely disappointed with what SIF2 has brought us so far. It's gacha pool is horrendous, with old Rare and SR cards from the first two games being recycled again (like cards from 10+ years ago) and the artstyle is super inconsistent when it comes to the Nijigasaki cards (one half is the classic SIF style, the other one is the artstyle they used for the anime). As far as URs go, half of the ones available at launch are also just recycled artwork from the original game. Some of the pairs don't even match after training/idolizing them. Super disheartening. Not to mention, it doesn't look like they're planning on releasing ANY new cards that arent't URs. It reeks of greed in my opinion. At least they tried to be consistent with the artsytle for the newer URs, though I'm not sure if I like this new Niji-SIF-hybrid style that they're attempting here.
Music is great as always, though I don't like the idea of having to unlock songs that are a decade old, so there really isn't that much to look forward to at the beginning.
The gameplay also looks exactly the same as in SIF, which I know many fans wanted to see in All Stars as well, but maybe with some sort of change? Where are the MVs? Where are the 3D models? It absolutely lacks life in my opinion.
I was hoping SIF2 would combine the best parts of SIF (the core gameplay) and All Stars (the character art and 3 D models/MVs) but instead I've been let down on both ends. Hard to recommend to anyone that doesn't really like the characters already...

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


This game's pretty solid for what it is. The biggest positive is definitely the characters and the graphics. They're pretty, consistent and definitely fun.
The actual Gameplay is fine.
For an endless running game it's got cool mechanics, I like the skills that the characters trigger. Some are just normal bonus point generators, while others trigger an entire minigame while doing the run. Those ones are pretty cool.
The different events keep me interested in the game, though the large amount of events going on at the same time make things confusing. I have a feeling they intentionally create a lot of different items and currencies for each event to prevent you from progressing too much at once. Admittedly though, they are extremely rewarding.
The game's pretty AD heavy, which makes it fairly annoying when you open certain pages.
The sound is very mediocre, nothing out of the ordinary and very little diversity.
The Storyline is pretty much non-exist for me, I just skip through it.
One thing about this game that I like is that it's probably one of the easiest games to do gacha in, and the rates are pretty good too. You can also get most Legendary Rate cookies through events, which is great. Additionally, there's costumes for your characters you can pull for in a seperate gacha system, which has pretty nice visuals for pulling Super Epic or Legendary costumes. You can buy certain costumes if you don't want to rely on the RNG to give you what you want too, which is nice.
Overall a pretty fun game, nothing out of this world but it's alright.

Genshin Impact


Probably one of the most visually appealing games I've ever played.
I'm not a huge fan of RPGs, and I usually prefer to play gacha based games with cute characters and music in it and that's about it.
This game is an entierly different experience for me, especially because it has an intriguing storylie and an incredibly immersive open world environment.
The gacha system in this game is barely necessary to enjoy the actual gameplay, which is definitely a plus for me. You could clear the entire story without having to pull for any of the gacha-exclusive characters.
Overall, this game doesn't have any major flaws. It lacks some quality of life features, but that might be because it's a relatively new game and those features can still be added.

Pokémon Masters EX


Pokémon has a tendency to overlook a lot of its characters, especially the human characters of the franchise, so it's nice to see them be the main appeal of a game for a change.
The game's mechanics are pretty different from the mainline video games. You don't train multiple Pokémon, you team up with other trainers and battle in 3 vs. 3 battles, with each trainer only using one Pokémon. Every Pokémon only has one weakness, and it's usually one of the weaknesses that they would have in the mainline games, so it's quite easy to get behind that.
The characters get new costumes and partner Pokémon every once in a while, which is pretty cool, since you get to see them use different Pokémon and different versions and interpretations of each character. The 3D models are definitely well-made, though nothing too different from the Sword and Shield graphics. Same goes for the Pokémon themselves.
The soundtrack is pretty okay. Nothing out of the ordinary, just pretty decent sounding. It definitely enhances the experience though.
The story I can't really judge since I only read the first chapter of the main story. It's a pretty basic "discover the new region" storyline that we see in the console games, except this time you actually travel with other trainers.
Overall, I'd say this game's pretty cool.
If you really like the characters from the games and want to see more of them, this game is definitely for you. Other than that, it's pretty simple to get the hang of it, nothing that will keep you interested for months on end though, on my end at least.

EDIT: figured out how to change the auto system thanks to @d4dj_pj on Instagram

As expected from the first beta, this game has incredible music and a dope gameplay!
I can't rate the story as I don't really get too much into mobile game stories in general, but the Seiyuus have a very wide vocal range when speaking and characterize each girl in a rather memorable way.
The artstyle I kind of still have to get used to, especially with the way the Live Stage and backgrounds look, its kind of hard to look at sometimes.
The cards however look pretty cool, but so far I'm kind of missing the variety in costumes and the such.
The only other thing I can critisize is the fact that I still haven't figured out how to disable auto play, which is very annoying.
Other than that, this is a pretty promising game!

EDIT: thankfully the multi live problem has been fixed!

Since the game has been out for a few more days now I can actually say there are a few things in it that I would love to see being improved in the future! Getting Items for training/awakening is kind of hard atm. The fact that event rewards cannot be collected as you go, but have to be paid for with the event points instead is kind of a bummer too. Sure, you get to decide which items you can collect, but I would rather be rewarded with random items and not have to exchange my points for them.
What's also a bit unfortunate is the fact that there are 4*/SSR/UR cards (whatever you call the highest rarity cards in your game) that don't have a Live Costume. I can see why they wouldn't give 2* and 3* cards a costume, but not even giving a Gacha 4* card one is definitely a bad idea imo. Also, the 2.5D models unfortunately cannot be given different outfits, which is also a bummer. It's not really a big thing, but I would like them to focus more on such details in the future.
The artstyle is very consistent, NOT lewd and has very diverse aesthetic choices for the characters!
The music is pretty cool too! I've been a fan of Vocaloid for a few years now, and while you do need to get used to the sound of the music at first, you will definitely find something that you like!
The storyline (from what I can tell so far) actually has quite a lot of depth for a music)idol game. Each group if characters have very different stories, so some are far more interesting than others, but a couple of them are very solid.
I am BEYOND impressed by this game. It has the potential to become a huge rival to many other idol games!



This is honestly a really cute game if you're bored and wanna see your faves from the show pop up on your screen. The rates in the gacha (or "gasha") are pretty dope, so most pulls will be quite rewarding. The LP restores quite slowly on its own tho, that's why it's not really a game you can spend a lot of time on to grind gems/diamonds.

Bandori is a lovely game. It has an outstanding, consistent artstyle and beautiful cards, with relatively good scouting rates. The game relies on chibis for Live Shows and animated 2D models for some of the menu screens and the stories, which is a solid mix in my opinion.
They have a very wide range of music, including a lot of covers of well-known music used in anime.
The gameplay is pretty challenging in my opinion, you won't be able to FC many songs at first, so it takes a lot of practice. Farming stars in this game can be a bit of a challenge, as you need to spend a lot of tickets on weak cards to be able to unlock their stories (that give out stars), so it's balanced, but your access to the items that you spend on the cards to train them are limited, which makes farming unpleasent at times.
The characters and bands all have their very own individual stories as well as mixed band "crossover" stories, which is pretty cool.
The major flaw I see with the stories for the individual bands is that they seem repetitive, which makes you loose interrst in some of the characters. Some story chapters deliver a lot of character development, while others just seem pretty dull. And the anime sadly doesn't really give any character too much of a noticeable development either, as it tries to focus on all 30 characters at once.
Overall, this game has a lot to offer! Due to the common pairings of the characters in their bands they don't really grow too much as characters, but still remain loveable. I think from a personal standpoint I lost a bit of interest in it because I expected more from both the anime and the game's story, but it's a beautiful game and amazing franchise regardless.

To me, no other idol franchise can compare to this one.
It's one of the oldest running idol games and therefore lacks some of the flashy, colorful features that other rhythm games have these days, but it's definitely a classic that everyone should try out!
The graphics aren't anything out of the ordinary. The artstyle has been pretty consistent in recent years, but occasionally you'll get one of the older, wonky looking cards.
The gacha feature sounds horrible at first glance (only 1% for a UR) but the rates are raised every month in specific boxes, and they tend to give out SR, SSR and even UR tickets twice a year (either through lotteries or campaigns).
The music does have some variations of the usual genre, you'll hear J-Pop mostly, but the subunits also use influences from other genres like EDM, K-Pop, or western pop.
The, it's kinda just there for me? The anime is definitely worth watching if you want to get to know the characters better. Some in-game stories focus more on the members that didn't get too much attention in the anime though, which is great.
Overall, I think it's an absolutely lovely game that paved the way for many other popular idol/rhythm/gacha based games. It's a project that's brought me a lot of joy♥️

The graphics can not be compated to any other idol game I have played so far. It is superior to any other game in that genre. The card artwork is pretty, but sometimes a bit too suggestive for my personal taste. There also aren't too many variations in terms of aesthetics for the characters, considering theres over 200 in this game.
The gacha system of the game is a bit tricky: it's fairly hard to farm if you're not familiar with the gameplay. There's a lot of free stuff given out to the players every once in a while though, so you can definitely do a lot of pulls around the anniversary.
A big con is the company in itself: they're known for being scammy, so don't be surprised if you don't get what you want when you pull for a specific character. With that being said though, at least there is a pity system, some games don't even have that.
The gameplay is very fun and has plenty of different modes you can play, so that's a plus. The minigames are often times what ends up keeping me playing for longer than planned. They're very entertaining, and the room you can design with your favorite characters is a lot of fun too. It's a great way to pass time if there's not an event going on at the time.
The stories range from pretty basic acting jobs that the characters need to do, to quite well-written event stories that give the characters some development. (Thankfully you can find a lot of the stories translated online)
The voice acting is definitely top notch, both in terms of music and voice lines for individual cards! The music itself is absolutely fantastic. It has by far the most range among all games of the genre, you will definitely find something that you like, be it a pop song a ballad, dubstep, rock, there's virtually anything.
Overall, it's a great game that has a lot to offer!

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