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Sharing wallpaper from awesome artists 😊 Follow me and get your waifu!
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Sharing wallpaper from awesome artists 😊 Follow me and get your waifu!
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Ulala: Idle Adventure


An idle game which won't take much of your time. Basically all you need to do is place the hero to one place and let him go hunting. But if you want to make team with others, you're supposed to spend more time to improve your skills, which might involve farming.

BEST game for girls (who love cute guys lol)!!!
The graphic is extraordinary great with nice background music. You can reroll many times as you want without deleting your profile, I got 4 SSR at the beginning!!! Voice actors make me immersed into it hahahaha. Although the gameplay is just like monopoly, it still needs some tricks to get the character you want so that you can get to your destination. Enjoy the game girls!

A very simple game. Good to kill time when you have no internet connection lol. The gameplay is about forcing gamers to escape from the bottom line, with many obstacles or treasure boxes on the way.

This is a stupid game as it shows...I'd rather to play the real scene with my friend lol

Hedgehog Farm


At first I think it's just an ordinary education simulation game. The truth is, yeah it's a EDU indeed, BUT, I got similar experience of popping pimples (eww....)!!! The needles of the hedgehog will grow for a while, and some needles are very weird such as umbrella, pencil..anything long and thin can be its needles lol.
I'm totally addicted to this game it's insane[ζ†‹ε±ˆ]

Turtle Step Count


It's a cute casual game with all kinds of turtles, but aiming to help you be more healthy!
The head of turtle is weirdly cute lol, and you can find various tools as many as possible to compete with other turtles your friends have. I've recommended to my families and friends to "fight with me".

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Leonardo Da Vinci [Fate/Grand Order] #wallpaper 
Sharing wallpaper from great artists πŸ˜Š Follow me and get your waifu!
Leonardo Da Vinci [Fate/Grand Order]
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