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First off, this hasn't been translated yet, so I couldn't rate the storyline.

Basically, this is just another mindless clickfight game where you hit attack buttons when the cooldown ends and maneuver yourself away from red zones where enemies are about to attack. There are dozens upon dozens of games on the app store that do the same thing. The only reasons this game managed three stars are the lack of annoying spam, and decent responsiveness for the controls. If you don't read Japanese and you're not a Samurai Shodown/Spirits superfan, pass on this.

Even though I'm a fan, I gave up after a few days.

Dragon Quest Walk


If you're not in Japan, don't bother downloading this app. At the present time, all locations to collect items, start quest portions, and the like are only in Japan. Sure, you could use a fake GPS app to try things out, but you can't get the full experience. At least they've added monster spawn to the world, but without the target locations, you're missing most of the game.

Basically, this is Dragon Quest meets Pokemon GO. Wander around, fight monsters, get items from real world locations, and collect walking points from your distance walked. If they translate and release the game outside of Japan, it will be worth playing. For now, it's waiting time.

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Samurai Shodown M I tried the app out for a few days, but sadly, it wasn't a keeper. There's no English option, and the gameplay is identical to a number of other fighting/adventure apps. At least it has nice graphics and voice effects.
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