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SINoALICE | Global


File Size : 578 mb

Graphics : Old style. Not eye-catching but pleasing. Will remind you of some classic rpgs . Goes well with the creepy, old , nightmare theme.[白眼]

Sound : Lovely eerie music.[開心]

Gameplay : Nothing new. Not exactly turn based, but weapon cool down based battles. Characters are automatically added during battles. It would be nice if we could coordinate with them.[發困]
Resource grinding least for f2ps.
Till now only 3 modes available

Storyline : I am slightly disappointed. There is (from reading three different verses) the same depressing plot of the suffering of the characters. (I am not against sad stories but variety would do good: Personal opinion)[不滿]
There's no clear cut tales. Just snippets. Well since they are called verses one cannot expect much, but just two or three statements conveying the same meaning is demoralizing.

Gacha : Decent summon rates.
Decent gem drop rates [微笑]

Overall it's a good game

The Sparkling Queen


A pretty good game with potential, but the gameplay ruins it.
I am not stating that the gameplay is terrible, but it is the only ( and terrible loose link) that if improved would elevate the quality of the game by leaps and bounds.

Firstly, we do get choices to not register our phone nunumbers ( what's with Chinese games wanting to call us [賣萌]: joke OK. )

Second: Additional 50 mb download required

Third: The woman is bisexual thank god. [色色]

Fourth: Gets boring waiting for resources and upgrades. [發怒]

Honesty speaking, I used translators to play this game so I can't comment properly on the storyline ( translations suck... all good ones need money money money)
But... it was fine while I played. [開心]
P. S. Love Helix Waltz? You'll like this game

Beautiful ! One of the first visual novels I played and loved. Now we have a RPG version.

Space: 403 MB without batch download ( loading times are terrible)

Storyline : Oppai! Casual, funny, typical dialogues.

Gameplay : Decently Fun .Turn based basic battles.

Sound: Amazing! Beautiful music

Graphics: Eye candy

Rates: Decent (No need to spend jewels thank god!)

Crafting: Tine waster, Ample resources required

There are lots of things to do even if it gets repetitive at times. The only minus point is that the don't size is tiny. Still.. .for all Hentai's it's a great game!

Lord of Heroes


Feels like Honkai with turn based battles and with Lelouch as the main character.... this game has huge potential.

Attractive points:

1. The gender of the main character can be chosen! It's customisable! Thank you developers!

2. Most characters can be got for free ( no need to pray to rngjesus)

3.Beautiful graphics and apt soundtracks.

4. Diverse game modes ( still limited Now)

Deterring Factors:

1. Levelling. Exp collection rate is quite low. Potions are not so hard to get but it's not enough to take a character up-to lvl 20 at one time.

2. No raid tickets. Not all of us have all the time in the world to play.

3. Translation incomplete. But this game is not global so it's pardonable. Just it's hard to decide when managing political affairs.

4. Battle style can be improved for single attacks.

5. Exp bottles should be added to the halls.

The game is amazing. BUT :

1. Amazing Graphics,Music and you can actually watch the whole anime and interact with npcs : Terrible (I mean TERRIBLE) [發怒]load times
2. Plenty of events to earn diamonds from, decent rates, beautiful draw animation : Requires copies to level up skills and the character you want doesn't drop (OK that's just my luck) [發火]
3.Fantastic battles : 2x speed seems like 0.5x [大哭]
4. Abundant quests and rewards : Gets grindy after a while ( especially when you are done with the story),
AND FIR HEAVEN'S SAKE WHY DON'T WE HAVE RAID TICKETS?? [發火][發火][發火][發怒][暈][大哭][大哭]

I really love this game but... I want this game to improve even further. And I am waiting for my Merlin to come to the draws. Just hope that these features are added.

Cryptract | English


Overall it's a good game. Nice music and layout. But the characters are not that eye catching ... except for some like the bunny.

What caught my attention was the way the story has been presented. It's refreshing to have a narrator instead of the characters themselves speaking, makes the story go faster as well. But I would have loved to hear the voice of characters saying dialogues instead of just *ouch* and all that.

Also, the visuals are stunning. The majestic mountain, lush valley, green forests, golden heaven.... it feels like an anime at times.

The gacha rates really require a boost. The crystal drops and the amounts required to summon are brilliant! But the rates suck for special characters. Also, collecting evolution material ( even with special events) is kind of time consuming.

Loading times are alright, because it does take time sometimes.

Some features are yet to come... so hoping for a better play time soon.

Pokemon Home


Could be a brilliant game, yet money ruins it. Can only work for a single account as that. Account linkage is troublesome too.

Another cash grab game I am sorry to say. Its gameplay is a mixture of Danmachi and Revue Starlight. Like Danmachi it has beautiful va but is grindy. Same cards are required to evolve, limit break etc. Gem drops are decent, but not enough. And, gacha tickets can only be used for single draws... so in order to draw 100 times, think how annoying it is.

The story line is predictable again. The mc is one of those happy go lucky putting herself in predicament kind of girl, but still it's not so annoying. Basically, one can skip the story sequence.

A major drawback is the load times. After downloading one again needs to load 150+130 mb worth data. Even after that the game keeps loading the story sequences. (Idk if it only applied to me) .

so this game has potential, but it doesn't live up to expectations.

It is a good game. However it is a money grabber. Pay for premium choices, pay to unlock stories or watch a huge amount of adds, pay to unlock outfits. Otherwise it would have been an amazing game.

Beautiful graphics and nice gameplay. Also good voice acting. Decent gem drop rate and gacha pricing. BUT!
1. Infinite data to be loaded. To start you need 8gb and need to download 2gb worth of data everyday.
2. Summon rates are OK. It means you need to pay to get SSR cards and limit break orbs.
3. Game modes are the same. Just get in the dungeon and.... battle.
4. Interactions are predictable .
5. Outfits, items... Go grind unfortunate f2p 🙁



All this game has is gorgeous cards. The gameplay is average. Summon rates... ok I am unlucky. It's decent I guess. Getting gems and item drops is surprisingly good for any RPG game. The story line is nothing out of the ordinary, music is average, and stamina recovery rate is decent. Overall it's just one of those boring games running solely on waifu material.

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Hamel [S Class] : Healer Game : Path to Nowhere 
Lore: A dancer trapped out of her own wish to heal the scars of others. 
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