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this is the end of us all, they will force you to register korean phone number... and you cannot ignore that..

it just say 당신의 소중한 계정이 도용 및 보안에 취약한 것으로 의심되어 보호 조치가 되 었습니다. 다음 게임에 로그인하여 보호 조치를 해제하여주세요. and force close... :(

TRAHA | Korean


this is a latest update about the game u can find at
17 july 2021

1. the IP litelarry is another clone of Vindictus (USING THE SAME CHARACTER PRESET, DESIGN, MONSTER, ENVIRONTMENT, NPC) it's not everything cloning vindictus, but some.. you'll notice

2. the graphics was good, like any unreal engine games these day

3. it has real time weather/ day,night cycle at some point i believe

4. GACHA at every resources possible

5. you can use a lot of weapons with a different masteries and skill, attack pattern, etc

6. the story is not bad i believe

7. there is a detailed character customization like BOOBS, HIPS, WAIST... (i know what you're looking for) but the size it "maximize" is following vindictus creation (SMALL)

8. there is a difficulties that makes you not to use auto thing


10. i believe, if this will come to global market, they just milking you dry and close service... because they really slow on events and reward, seems korean gamer doesnt like this game someway...
remember this game has a advertisement using CHRIS HEMSWORTH? that's the time i played on these game.. that long...



here is the information you can obtain at 24 january 2021
1. like some of gamevil game, it's plenty of reward
but grinding to get that

2. it's bad to see how this game turns into, long time ago this game is a hard in the ass with Dark souls theme

3. right now, this game was only a AFK or idle game.
one tap and go, one tap and go.. that's the game content is

4. the characters stories is amazingly good, but very poor at the execution. (you only read their stories, no cinematic, no picture, no art, nothing!)

5. if you see the cutscene.. that's the thing you will see once.. and never come back.. i don't know why they managed to hide the cutscene, the cutscene was do an absolute job at storytelling

6. the event was top notch, you doesn't need to pay to be competitive player, by joining the event.. you will get everything

7. the graphic was dull and old. i really hope they managed to render those characters into a better results

8. the game has a lot of FAN SERVICE (boobs, thighs, butt, face) yes you can see sexy lady, sexy women, sexy devil, even men is hot in here
they're so good at the fan service

9. THIS IS THE BEST OF IT, the developer is very kind and get in touch with the playerbase.. they always replying our suggestions and critic, which is ultra rare to see a game developer like that.



this is the update for this game at 24 january 2021

1. the game is still exist but no more future development (no update, no incoming character or families, nothing!) only weekly or monthly patch to maintenance server

2. hackers everywhere

3. the battle was fun and unique than turn based DC game

4. grinding simulator

5. it's not pay to win, you can get everything by grinding

6. the ladies in here wear a sexist outfit

Seven Knights ll|Korean


this the update information you might need 4 june 2021

this setting is happen 20years after Seven Knights.
the story was amazing, the voice acting is incredible
and if you wondering about the translation. I've found an english subtitle here

detail information
0. the events and attendance reward were really good. but the event, you MUST extremely grinding to collect the best event's reward

1. dungeon based MMORPG

2. auto stuff

3. grinding simulator

4. imbalance pvp

5. AWFUL drop rate and gacha rate

6. graphic was good

7. performance was good (low specification friendly)

8. character preset (face) is different than 3years ago when first release it's trailer and it's uglier than the art

9. pay to win. at first, you might obtain a lot of rubies, when the progress continues and deeper, you will find no rubies there

10. just like the first sentence, the story was amazing.. the voice acting was intense and awesome

here is the latest updates at 24 January 2021

0. SINGAPORE and AUSTRALIA server already shut down. you cannot play on that particular server

1. this game already released globally (at least asia)

2. you doesn't need vpn

3. you will look bad with default armor

4. costume will available with real money and some particular events that you must join to.

5. bad drop rate

6. bad gacha (crafting)

7. grinding simulator

8. the best of these game, FAN SERVICE.. where you can amazingly enjoy those ladies with big tits, hips, thights, sexy outfit.. of course with real money or pain in the ass grinding

9. there's a separated patches on korean server and global server
where korean one has a lot of content than global one. so be wise, make sure you select the server right

10. korean server also use english translation

OVERHIT | Korean


there is a community on facebook about overhit Korean or japan
if you want to guided with a translation and in game events.. you could join facebook group

Lineage 2M (19) | Korean


here is the Lastest info you can read.. this post was updated on 20 October 2023..

1. the graphic is awesome, but you can't set your own graphics setting, even though they provide it for you.. and you will keep playing on the lowest resolution possible, i don't know why.. my phone capabilities already way surpass the game needs

2. story was bad

3. it has english translation right now...yes all of it... more likely 99% already in English

4. the animation has been smoother than first launch

5. the battle feel old and dull because it's redesign of lineage II pc

6. the drop rate gacha is better

7. still gender lock

8. no vpn needed

9. gacha game with character assignment, so you need to spend money or saving up the resources.. hoping that you'll get red grade character

10. pay to win is a bit extreme right now

11. the event was so so, nothing really make free to play player enjoy the game

12. BOT infestation

13. i see no actual people playing the game other than me.. game so empty

Blade 2 | Korean


what is fan service?
fan service is a game genre that provides a Over sexualized women..
tits, hips, thights, waist, etc..
all exposed and pleasing to see.

to anyone who wants to join Community about Blade 2 korean info and guide with english translate on screen explanation, Please Join these group

the story is immensely beautiful...
voice over was intense, gacha isn't at the bad rate..

at once, they've tried to CBT the game in english language before release global.. but with internal discussion they decided to release blade 2 on NINTENDO Switch..

A3: Still Alive | Korean


this is just generic mobile MMORPG, what makes them special is. they have battle royale system..

what makes this worse, there is no character creation..
you just select gender, job, THAT'S IT!!
it just like generic RPG feature



At the first launched... this game has mixed english-korean translation here and there..

but, when the time goes.. updates comes up.. those english translation were disappear...

right now, it just fully korean games like others...

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END of player outside korea LET'S BOYCOTT THE GAME, make their CM or their staff think about us... THEY JUST LOCK ALL OF THE ACCOUNT FROM USING AN EMULATOR.. WHICH IS US.. THE ENGLISH PLAYER comment or upvote or like these tread to get shown at higher forum... LET THEM HEAR OUR VOICE!!! 
they just make your account must be verified with korean phone number/credit card... so this is it guys, the end of us all....
to anyone who still, can play the game... JUST DON'T USE EMULATOR TO PLAY... DON'T TRY IT... their system will instantly lock your account like these
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