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Good puzzle games, art is astonishing, well you need to understand mandarin if you want to fully enjoy this games.

Beautifull game with astonishing art, good for healing time.

Need understand korean a.k.a hangoul if you want to fully enjoy this games [害羞].

What can i say about party games like this one, it's very fun especially if you play with friend. Let us hope more games with this theme.

If only this games release in english version geez, well it was still cbt version.

Similar with FallGuys gameplay, there are variety of mini games that eleminates each of you until only one that become a winner.

But it's a little bit trick for the control, especially in the near last stages.

Geez so much fun ~~~ [色色][色色][色色]

From the creator of nier series Yoko Taro as a creative director and music by Keichii Okabe, come the first smartphone game for nier series, as always deep storyline with voice actor, outstanding backrgound and music.

Turn base gameplay, you can move your chara, good move for mobile version. That will be english version later probably in this year or next year have fun [開心]

The four hatsune miku games this year !!! [哇噻] Gameplay really simple if you like hatsune miku give it a try.

Disney Music Parade


First Impression !!!

Rhythm games based on disney music, play in potrait mode, tbh its kinda remind me kingdom hearts melody of memory but with more simple gameplay for android.

It's still trial period, will release in 2021 if you love disney chara epecially their music you must absolutely play this have fun [微笑][微笑]

Pixiv Comic


Manga platform by pixiv, japanese only.

cluster (クラスター)


Ar function if you want to go to virtual shibuya.



Pixiv is app for any illustration mostly pixiv use by Japanese people the most of the time.



Legal version if you want to enjoy reading manga such as one piece, chainsaw man, spy x family and etc

Cytus II


Sucessor from Cytus, one of the best rhythm games for smartphone, with variety type of music from jazz, pop, rock etc

HoneyWorks Premium Live


Rhythm games based on Honey Works Music, you guys will like it for sure especially if you are honey works music fans [害羞]

Gameplay similar with other rhythm games, have fun everyone [哇噻]

Star Smash


Gameplay like you are play tenis beat monster using disney chara card, gacha itself was pure luck, so good luck.

It seem there is no auto in this games so you need to play manually, consuming time of course, the story itself good you actually read manga style story before battle.

Play because you like disney chara it's absolutely yes, for me it's remind me kingdom hearts series which is sora, kairi, riku lol [委屈]・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

Have fun everyone (。>﹏<) [微笑]

Nazo Girl


Good detective games with female as your main heroine, well you need understand japanese asap if you want to play this [害羞]

Update : It was my first time tbh playing octopath traveller and i must say i absolutely love this !!! [開心] Suprisingly i was very enjoy the gameplay a lot, it remind me with old school rpg. [害羞]

You need vpn for creating account after that you can turn off your vpn, since this games is story heavy if you want to enjoy full experience you need understand japanese, the story quiet good for me. [發困]

Square Enix games especially the jp version have long sustainablity so i have a great expectation for Nier Reincarnation since it was same publisher and Yoko Taro story never fail. [哇噻]

Have fun i will enjoy this games while wait for Nier Reincarnation release in 23 December. [懵懂]

Will upgrade my review after the release, the story seem deep, the only problem maybe in the gacha system if only this game was one paid only it will be best.

Please consider if you want to play it for a long time periode since it was square enix games be aware have fun. [微笑]

After a long time finally everyone, Project Sekai release super hype !!!

Actual review :
~Good game the system itself familiar with bandori since it same developer.
~Great music and it will add more your favorite music later.
~Great feature such a playing together a.k.a multiplay, virtual live when you can watching live together or just hangour with your friend.
~The original character itself pretty good.
~Gacha system is pure luck so good luck.

My Tamagotchi Forever


Nostalgic if you want nostalgic with tamagotchi there is microtransaction of course [發困]

Hatsune Miku Amiguru Jump


Cute Miku games just jump jump and jump with hatsune miku song XD

While waiting for smt v it is not bad at all to play smt mobile, it was a good rpg for mobile phone for fans or new comer welcome to the world of shin megami tensei XD

Tbh sega is one of the developer that keep their mobile game for a long time so its good investation if you play it.

Yotsume God | English


Another good visual novel from this developer give it a try [哇噻]

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