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otome game and dress up, klee and heroine supremacy *wink* more babysits children in game pliz, I love em or just give the heroine cute little sister
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otome game and dress up, klee and heroine supremacy *wink* more babysits children in game pliz, I love em or just give the heroine cute little sister
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Maybe | English


I can't delete my review. So I'll just write that I love that we can dress up the heroine and her love interest the boys. Also thanks to follow the korea version back then about the dia. It just that a pity that this app gave in to those who are whiny. Make the environment becomes not healthy. They even changed the thumbnail too.

add-> also please read this. this is very great.
Infold x otomate interview. Thank you so much for otome kitten🫶🏻❤️

For anyone who doesn't familiar with otome too and the difference with joseimuke.
I have known otomate since 2013 and translating n bought their games too, so this surprised me that otomate is also what inspired them to create love deep

otome game only have fem mc and love interest is the male lead, and they have specific romance route, other than that can't be called as otome game. Otome game n general dating sims or otome game n joseimuke are different. otomate mentioned that koei is the one that introduced them to otome game. that's why I hope people can read this article and please becareful if there are games that mentioned that they're otome game, many of them aren't otome game

otomate has been introduced by koei the 1st company who made the 1st otome game called neo angelique(1994)

They gave 24 permanent tickets, there is a disc% banner and I already manage to get the 5⭐. The rest you can get the ticket as u play through and exchange stones from store. It would be nice if the camera can change from landscape to portrait after the battle automaticly. Also please don't do anything unrelated to promote the game, just see someone gave 1⭐ just bcs they don't know what is an otome game, not just in this game to be honest so unreasonable to give 1⭐ just bcs they lack knowledge or having selfish desire.

最高! ただ、ヒロインちゃんの全てを改善して欲しい、大事だからね[鬼臉] 顔や体の姿勢、ファッション、ストーリーアニメーションも、ホムラくんとのシーンとか体の姿勢が変なの、彼女の首が短すぎて、胸もなかった。いくつか服を着てるときも、腕と肩が奇妙に見える。写真を撮るときも角度によって彼女の顔も少し奇妙[委屈] 頑張ってppのスタッフ達💪🏻✨

I just downloaded it from other app cause it isn't worked in here when I tried to installing the 2gb part one. And after I manage downloaded it, the game welcomed us with kinda spicy cg hahaha. This is an isekai game where the heroine transfer into another world from a painting. aside from cn, the game also has jp voice over. it is rpg, but we have romance yesh! I love this one cause we also has mc card that we can put into the party and fight together, nice nice. but open the pay esp in asia hiks I want to buy monthly but I can't

if it's hard comes to global bcs of the language gap, please just release taiwan version or let us login from wechat, I want to play[大哭].
the heroine is a princess, we can date them, kissing scene, rpg, card ulti has animation. femmc romance n the boys, best best!

ever played this in kor server n bought the monthly, that time I kinda left far, since the events story kinda related to each other from previous, I kinda don't understand the story, so I quit while adoring the art and the kor va, they all did a great job and suit the characters, esp love alkaid's voice. I hope you can bring kor va or maybe kor server too in the future to join us, since I see some korean still loves this game n start over in cn server

Can you please make the payment works for international? at least in asia. and I hope you have costume gacha, bcs the last costume dice 🎲 event, you locked it behind paywall and I can't play the event further without top up(I want to get those hair n costume[大哭]). the story is interesting, makes me curious and the boys are handsome, not to forgot our beautiful mc. they generous with the card gacha though. the makeup is pretty, I hope you can add skin colour in near future and also maybe body height in near future hehe. it'a nice that we can spend time in the cafe too with our partner and companion

Life Makeover | SG & MY


I hope you can make the payment works for international.
I love it! it has almost everything that I want, fashion n romance. it fun having meal party in other people house, I hope they added where we can meet the boys in their home or going to party with them hahah. please use my code BKB9SJX if you want to play in sea server. I can post more detail in the post later and share lots of picture. the main story is almost full voice with chinese, taiwan, and english voice, and the subtitle as well has english. you can smooth change just as you like by downloading. you can change your skin or your height, hair, eye colors, body shape can too but can't make till fat, just enough plump. the love interest are gorgeous, solving mystery making it excited, can buy or build home, they just released new island 🏝️ just now, they gave 15 coupon+200 diamond+ sometime 3 coupon more from event login for every new gacha theme, they have this video to promote the clothes. the gacha contain the boys cards and fashion. getting ssr boy card is harder than 6star fashion. they usually have voice for the sr cards too not only ssr, but the new card SR roy(white hair) doesn't have voice. still I enjoy the story, I hope they will input the voice though someday. I think I'm gonna spend, that first top up with only $1 already gorgeous heghh. I hope we can go to the boys home in the future and meet them and going to friends party with them. also they have this mind realm with voice. this realm focus on solve the boys problem and look inside their realm mind. the boys will be really grateful(love bloom) when we finish the story, it's like we are their light n hope. this mind realm also has each fashion set which is gorgeous. you can also dye or make your own clothes, we have our own brand since we are a designer also detective. Also I agree with Lynx said, that sometimes when in serious case, vvanna need us to dress up to practice our mind get stronger, that kinda out of place xdxd, too many dress up I guess

Today I cried T T on 12-2 ~12-3 Alkaiddd, this could be a spoiler for those who don't play yet. For the introduction the mc is the manhwa creator and a painter. I think all the boys in MC lives are all nice if compare to the another world, only Alkaid who is being really nice and polite. Later on chap 12 on the beginning, The mc being caged with many thorns bcs she is a sacrifice for that another world, that world is in a dangerous state bcs of the ice butterfly who can freeze everything with very fast and the mc is on the weak state now trying her best to escape from that cage. From not far, Alkaid say to the magician that is now he is turn that is on charge. They kinda suprised to find him there and one of them ask to him if he is ok to go to that ceremonial place. I at first kind of confuse but later on I understand why the magician asked that. With a long sigh a mission word came from his mouth(like he know this is a mission but still this isn't right) seeing the cage also the altar(it seems). With a powerful magic(he is a high magician under the Archmage Kairos whom he respect) he torns open the thorns cage, seeing the mc whose arms covered with blood trying to save her own life, he healed her wound. Then after some time, the mc wake up refreshed and now the cage door is can be opened. At the corner the mc sees"Alkaid!Are you the one who saved me?" having one person on her side is enough to reassure her. Alkaid prepares her a light breakfast. He shame on himself looking mc eating the meal. The mc asking why are you looking like that, if he gonna get trouble for saving her. He said something like that the mc isn't a person from this world yet without her own will they summoned her here. Later then the mc knows that a person dear to Alkaid being sacrificed to summoned the mc to that world, that is Chaerin(in the world the mc lives in, she is her best friend. The mc being summoned when trying to save Chaerin, but it seems when the mc already being summoned there is a girl beside her who looked like Chaerin, and that person seems dead as a sacrifice). When the mc trying to say something, Alkaid hears a voice, MC back to the cage pretends still be locked. Later on there is a maid who brings rebels from silver knight group, they attacked Alkaid, and said to the mc that they will come to save her. Alkaid shielding the mc and said she doesnt needed your their help. the rebels attack also like coming to the mc and the mc said like they said they will save me, is this how they treat someone they are goimg to save. And I still read till here.

came back to edited my review cause I couldn't delete it, same like what I wrote in tw vers one

just came back to edited my review cause I couldn't delete it. I just realized that I joined a wrong group back then. which the leader is a heavy -- fandom that I have a trauma on. now I realize how scary is the world, I'll isolate myself from those. now I realize this game isn't for me, but can't delete my review. this is why I don't agree having -- in 女性向け game either. I spent kind of many for this game back then like bought cn new year outfit for my heroine n some boys also the bp thing n diary book. this is kinda same with ariel one, but ariel has women n childrens charas too, so straight man can also pursue the girls and I love my hua princess and the babies my lovely tiny younger sister yue ling n little bao ni n her husbando. a chance to have mysoginist player in ariel will also be more less.

To the moon | Japanese


To the moon | Korean


this game actually really good. there are many interesting system😍. I think everyone will love it if the developer make it into global. gacha is nice too, I got an SSR from normal gacha. It just that progressing to the story kinda hard bcs we should lvling up our card for battle to progressing the story. music and voice are great too

Palette Parade


The main story all full voiced. It is live 2d. We can move the chibis using our finger its so cute. It reminds me of Namu Amida Butsu but with the extra we can put chibis to do the activity we like. The story is interesting.

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