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I do weird things most of the time.
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I do weird things most of the time.
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You'd definitely be grinding for more songs, unless you're willing to pay for some[暈]

What I like the most of Beatstar is that there's an option to get a few extra (2, usually) cards via watching an ad. It helps alot if you're the type to hoard songs!

The worst thing would be the increase in the amount of cards needed to open a case. From 5 to 10, then 15 and the rest. It's most definitely a grinding game, but the beat notes aren't that hard to hit.

So, all in all it's pretty good.

Moreover, there isn't any 'collectibles'. That way, the only thing we'd focus on is the game[厲害]

Give it a try! (I played this just for Ado, really. Haven't seen a peek of her songs, wondering if it's just the ads[大哭])

It's really cool that I actually died a dozen times on the first day playing this. Hahaha, but all efforts will pay off and that's the key to this whole mess of grinding and farming.

You started out as a naked, unnarmed unlucky person whose base is pretty much open and dotted with zombies. But rest assured, you can kill them easily with a butcher knife and sneaking. Farm all your resources, don't mind the repetitive gameplay. Either focus on yourself to build stability in your armor and whatnot, or throw yourself into the fire by clearing bunkers and completing the seasons.

Whichever you choose, choose wisely. Because you die all the time anyways.[不滿]

My advice would be:
1. Keep your cautiousness as strong as your first day playing, don't get cocky with your armor.
2. Farming is good! Keep farming!
3. Make sure to get airdrops, they're your saving grace.
4. Don't spend rations, ever.
5. Build that bike, you'll need it if you want to expand the map and many things.
6. Be patient. Just keep dying.
7. The in-app purchases aren't really worth it.



This is a great game for those who are not a fan of buttons! Just kidding. But yes, the gameplay doesn't require buttons and you can just /swipe! swipe!/ to attack, defend, and move.

It's a stylised game. I love how the graphics aren't like some other game's. Paired with catchy soundtrack and effects, this game is a bit addicting.

Although! It's a bit of a grinding game, since upgrading each character requires you to played a decent amount of hours. Still, it doesn't mean that you'll be stuck forever. They're nice enough to give you a bonus chest after you opened a certain amount of chests.

It took me around a week's time (in total gameplay!) to be confident[厲害] but yeah, it sucks if you don't have a good fighter (at least one that is most compatible with you). I find that my most compatible fighter is actually not much a good fighter (she's a bit low in everything haha!).

STILL, this is a great game. Played casually, you'll be fine. Played a bit more passionately, and you'll probably resorts to buying some chests.

Ronin: The Last Samurai


[賣萌] This game is awesome! You can tell just how lvl. 1 you are at the start of the game, and while it might bore you (because of it's hard) don't worry! If you raid a lot and made sure to open free chests, then you'll gain good equipments! With due time and hard work you'll master the art of being killed over and over then wins (sometime haha).

Highly recommend for those who wanted a 'realistic' fight and not just some easy hack and slash. [厲害]

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Home! Home! Home! #MyCrazySchoolLife During my second year in highschool, some crazy thing happened in between breaks during our exams. 
The exams were supposed to end at 13.00 and we only had one subject remaining of the day. However, the system crashed or something. Making all of us, 300 something students, wait around until around 14.00. Uneasy, tired, and stressed, we did something unbelievable.
It was past the time school was supposed to end, and we were beyond crazy that all of a sudden, the third years and second years went out to the balcony chanting "Go home! Go home! Go home!" urging the school to let us go home instead of waiting for the system till who knows when. 
That was beyond nuts! 
My school was small, and the balcony faced each other. So, imagine a 200-something students standing shoulder to shoulder chanting "Go home!" repeatedly while stomping their feet and whatnot. The effect was surreal, and it was the preamble of doom. 
Long story short, the teachers weren't amused by our antics. We were -at least, the initial instigator -called to the office. 
Well, at least I got something to talk about. Not that I joined the chanting in person as I was beyond tired, only in spirit I joined. [微笑]
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