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i started play this game after watching fgo first order. I really disappointed at first, but after two days, i kinda like it...the storyline was awesome, the graphics is not that great but the noble phantasm animation was so badass. Let's not talk bout the gacha. I really fking hate it jk xD

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


This have become one of my fav game...they got a lot of waifu material with different type for example yandere, tsundere, kuudere and etc. The graphics was so beautiful for mobile games. Put that aside, their storyline,comics and manga is damn awesome with emotional moments...I got a lot more to write to be honest but i dont want this reviews to be so long...Loved it❤

i juz give 5 star/egg bcuz re:zero is one of my favourite anime though xD...but it needs english version really quick

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Add english version would be perfect

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