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Just an ordinary Catfish.
Reine Murasame 36106521

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Just an ordinary Catfish.
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tbh JP version far more generous than EN version LMAAOOOOO ( imo tho ) [開心]

Your Majesty


Good Art
Good BGM
Pretty Generous Gacha Rates ( tbh 3% already generous )
Overall it was a good game, pretty worth it if you want to add to your games collection lel

but i had a slight problem when i play, lag suddenly build up until the game freeze, is there a way to solve it?

Echocalypse | SEA


well, i think this game is made for those who want to spend extra money, tbh you will feel that your progress is so slow when you reach 100k++ Power, and indeed there's no free gift whatsoever to roll the gacha, overall it's a bad game lel but if you're playing only for the artwork, then this game is for you, aside from that...... just don't lel

i'm back for more xD

because of FB Standard Community, i lost my old acc........... but i play it again with new acc few days ago lel

Arknights | Japanese


i'm back xD

Crash Fever | Japanese


good game, but sometimes YOLO single can bring good luck rather than 10x pull xD

simple, i like it so i play it, no need to compare it to some other games, every games has it pros and cons [耍帥]

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