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Fate Corridor


Graphic is AI Generated. I can see many characters with the same pose(s). The devs probably just go with 1 prompt and change the version of the output. Top tier laziness. UI is pretty but instruction unclear and the icon kinda small.

The voice seems AI to me, too. Hopefully the devs know Japanese. Imagine a Japanese plays this game and confused about everything the characters said.
Only 3 soundtracks, you gotta kidding me.

Gameplay is Poor. No Class detailed information, no Class advantage instructions, etc. I don't even see the Home Instructions. Wasted.

Storyline is some crappy stories you can take from everywhere on the Internet.

Genshin Impact


Quit game about 6 months and return with the shock of additional 10GB game size. All this sht just only for a new husbando!!

Game đáy xã hội =)))

Friendly for mainstream player who want to try Turn-based. Character development is really good (MC kinda sassy and flirty though). Farming materials for character upgrade are pain in the ass, srsly.

Dislyte | Global


Not very f2p, class kinda meh but the visual beat it all

Guardian Tales | Global


The gameplay is actually pretty good and not boring at all. The gacha pretty friendly and the game is easy to understand. Story still kinda niché tho but overall is good.
You can say this is a pixel Zelda game with gacha.

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