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Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of the whole Utawarerumono franchise so my review is biased. This is also mostly about my personal experience while playing.

I really love the game. It has most of the meaningful Utawarerumono characters besides Haku and Hakuoro and also new characters since the story of the game is a new story. Sadly the story is quite difficult to enjoy for a non Japanese speaker since it is all in Japanese and isn't voiced, so reading Japanese is the only option.

At the time of writing this review there is a swimsuit event ongoing and they seem to have a new event every month or so.

The art is what you would expect from the Utawarerumono franchise really high quality, except for the gameplay 3D models, which are surprisingly low definition.

I personally haven't used any money into the game and have rolled around 80 gacha rolls in a little over a month. The free to play aspect seems good so far, but I have cleared most of the base story chapters which have been the biggest source of gems to roll the gacha and I'm afraid that my rolls might slow down significantly. Gacha rolls overall have been very good and I have already gotten 8 3-star units which are the highest star units. You can power up units all the way to 5 stars, but the gacha will only give you 1-3 star units.

Gameplay has been pretty good so far and the game definitely doesn't get too grindy as it regularly gives you tickets to autoclear already 3 starred stages in an instant. This also means you can easily level up new and weaker characters by using them in a team while clearing a high level stage with a ticket, since the ticket clear doesn't seem to care about the strength of your chosen team. After a month of gameplay I have reached the level of 39 at which I have cleared the whole base difficulty story maps and unlocked the full story so far. I have also cleared up to halfway in hard mode. In the current event I have cleared the base and hard difficulties without much difficulty, but only 2 out of 3 of the very hard difficulty maps.

The biggest downside is definitely the beginning of the game, as it will make you download the game for a very long time and then after you think you get to play, there will be a second big download. But after these two the only downloads are updates.

In conclusion: if you're a fan of Utawarerumono and gacha games, you will like this game. And if you don't take it too seriously, being free to play seems completely viable.

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