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I have un installed this shit game two years ago. After many a year playing and spending money in it, EA doesn't care about addressing notorious and game killing issues like the random shutdowns that make you waste gas or the cars autonomously steering themselves into walls without reason. I came to the point of disgust and will never play an EA mobile game ever again. This company got me used to much better but since they discovered microtransactions, they just became greedy and lazy [發怒]

MARVEL Strike Force


Only play if you like the MARVEL universe. It would be nothing but a waste of time otherwise.
The game is either a cash grab or a grinding hell. The best characters will demand you spend years grinding all sorts of arguably useful toons if you want a shot at getting them, or fork out a hefty amount of money if you don't have it in you.
Which you will eventually find out you are forced to do, since the very characters required in order to play the events can't be acquired in any other way. You then have but two options : either put your hand in your pocket or endure the frustration of seeing other whales rocking it with your favorite heroes while you have to wait. Not mentioning it usually comes as a huge game breaker and a borderline unfair advantage for the ones who are loaded or stupid enough to buy.

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Is anyone having a problem with the last update? It won't install and launch, saying the space on my device is insufficient. I have more than 20GB space left......... And I=MAGICAMI DX launched perfectly normally without errors too. Read Note
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