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I am Black-British Adult Man, from the UK, who is into watching anime and play gacha games on my potato phone while doing exercise and like sport.
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I am Black-British Adult Man, from the UK, who is into watching anime and play gacha games on my potato phone while doing exercise and like sport.
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My favourite Action-RPG Gacha Game with Girls. I love it! It's Great. *PEACE*.

Genshin Impact


I maybe one of the thousands that rate this game highly and sing the same song of praise for this game. But let me say this:

As Street Fighter 2 is to Mortal Kombat 2
As Guilty Gear is to Blazblue
As Soul Calibur is to Tekken
As Virtua Fighter is to DOA
As FIFA Football is to Pro Evolution
As Monster Hunter is to God Eater

So Breath of the Wild is compared to this. It maybe the same thing for you but it's entirely different story for me!

But I really don't mind at all as they belong to the same game genre, graphics, gameplay, style and setting but diffrent game value, goals, characters, optimization and experience.

And I highly emphasize the word EXPERIENCE as it is a huge factor and it will IMPACT you while playing. Long story short... It doesn't play exactly like Zelda's Open World Game would...It just looks like it. As it should, since this is an Open World Game too, with a different vibe and experience. Heck! This game is on multiple gaming platforms including the option to cross play on your smartphones, so that's saying something!

However as a huge fan of BOTH Zelda (especially since Hyrule Warriors!) and Genshin Impact (since I am a Mihoyo Fanboy, U gotta rate 'em) and do not join either side, it is SO much better to play without comparison, confusion or competition as it's more enjoyable and less stress that way.

I mean, that's how this game is meant to be played, to have fun and experience the open world adventure for yourself and all it has to offer you.

Simple as that. Straight Up 10/10. Best Game of the Year.... for me that is.

If you like the game and this review. Give it a high rating and enjoy yourself. Because trust me. This game is AWESOME and there is greater things in store for this than that crappy SAO Alicization game or any bad open world rpg/adventure game out there in your local store!

Thanks for reading. *PEACE!*

Best Gacha Game based on an Anime that I've played in a long while, especially since I'm a 7DS fan and Merlin is best waifu and Diana best girl. Don't really care about most chatacters and I Really Hate the main hero. But Oh Well...

Anyways, this game has got great value and a long, enriching storyline that takes you through the journey and gaming experience of 7DS, along with awesome characters and good gameplay that is similar to FGO except in gacha, which I am having more luck here pulling some of my favourites and I think there is better rate-ups in 7DS than FGO. But don't get salty if you don't have the top-tier, super-rare characters and equipment, as you can reasonably grind for equipment and easily rank up characters without going through much problems.

This was my first long review in a long while. Usually, I just give these gacha games like this a 3-4* rating with no comment, but this definitely deserves better from me and higher praise from us players and I hope that there will be better things to come in the future.

As for me, I will be looking forward to it, while I will continue to play this game along with Genshin Impact until they both end.... Hopefully. Thanks for reading my review. *PEACE!*✌[厲害]

P.S. *key* 7DS = Seven Deadly Sins; FGO = Fate: Grand Order

Dragon Raja | Global


What a great game this is! [微笑]! This game is easily one of the best mobile games in terms of graphics, storyline & value. It is one of my favourites and I am really enjoying it and having a blast, as there is a LOT to do.

You should give this game a try, as it is not like your typical gacha game, even if it's not well known/infamous or popular. (Looking at you FGO!) [懵懂].

☺. Good Game and as a Persona 3 fan, it is the closest thing to Persona as you can summon most of the monsters/demons from the game. Shame about the gacha rates though.[委屈]

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