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The time of cat girls and bunny girls were gone and now horse girls are the new meta.

Training and raising your cute umas is so fun! And nothing makes me more proud when I see my own raised horse girl win races.

Every units are useful, even though they're just originally a 1 star. It really just comes down to how you train your uma. Events are very easy too.

I just hope I can understand Japanese so I can read the stories to x) but other than that, it was a very pleasing experience!!

Okay this is actually one of my comfort games. People might disagree with me if I say that I really like it's gameplay BUT i really do! The gameplay and grinding is very perfect for multitasking so even though I'm busy on something, I can still grind and play events. I also like how it can be split-screened so I was able to multitask even on my own phone!

Now as for whether it was F2P friendly or not, I do believe that it actually does. I have 2 active accounts here, one where I am whaling and the other is where I am strictly F2P. On my whale account, I can get higher points on events even without using any dias (though I have 10 max sp) which I think is very useful. Because of this I can consistently get 2M points or higher on every event.

On my F2P account on the other hand, I was only pulling for Gaku gachas there and was just casual on every event other than Gaku's but if you can see my Gaku deck, you'll probably think that it is a whale account too. I have many full awakened SSR cards of Gaku too. Saving and trading his cards for bells in the shop helps a lot.

Rankings are also very easy in my perspective as long as you don't let your SP overflow so much!

And besides that, I really like it's story too. The MC is very relatable and the characters are all lovable. The devs are also very kind and even the fanbase is very welcoming. All in all, I love this game and its community.

I hope other people can love and appreciate this game more too! Thank you and God bless!

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