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A modest and shy girl.
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A modest and shy girl.
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Ronin: The Last Samurai


The game is about the events of Japan during the Sengoku era, in a hand-drawn style and a font in the form of caligraphy.
I liked Ronin: The Last Samurai in that here I can relax from routine games and reality and plunge headlong into battle) [開心]

MU ORIGIN 3 | English


Arena of Valor | English


Arena, very interesting game, beautiful characters, good optimization, quality gameplay
However, despite the fact that the game is beautiful and interesting, the monotony of the gameplay eventually gets boring and it becomes unbearably boring to play it.

My verdict is as follows: Arena of Valor is an interesting and colorful game, with good optimization, but monotonous gameplay.





The best of the messengers, even if it is not a messenger. Streams, communication and new acquaintances. The app is amazing.

MMORPG is my favorite genre, a big plus is a free and open world that you can explore with friends. Of the minuses, only not too convenient controls and a little meager customization of the character.



I love calm games, and calm game with cats is just incredible. [色色][開心]

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