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A fellow gentleman thief who into anime
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A fellow gentleman thief who into anime
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Its actually a good game. This is a puzzle game, like candy crush (it's called puzzle dama in japan) but a lil complicated. So, you can choose your "kanojo" and play this puzzle dama together. It's basically a puzzle game with a story. For now, you only get the original 'kanojo' from kanokari "Chizuru, Ruka, Sumi, and Mami" and do gacha. The other kanojo from other world haven't available yet, so we can wait till next info.
There are 3 features that available : Take a photo together, chatting, and story. They have a full voice, but sometimes no, the story take place in the first anime of kanokari, the gameplay is quite amusing, but not very rich, they have a great graphics, but not perfect. That's a review from me, for now at least,[發困]

Don't uninstall this game yet my friend [汗顏]. They update the game from the inside of app, you must wait to download new data but it was ok. I think it will works for the next update too. It's a very good game with a nice gameplay and perfect graphic. I also satisfied with the song and another features. I very recommend this game for you. I'm very happy for the new stage 'prelude' but now I shall wait the next update for 'interlude' [憋屈]. By the way, a little advice for all of the player, if you want to get S you need to complete all the mission Unison, Perfect, and Combo. And for your information you can change the graphic to low to increase your chance to get the perfect tap, also the costume feature won't be unlock until you clear all the stage.

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