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liêm sỉ not found ;0;
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Genshin Impact


ahhhh i love this game sooooo much !!![色色]
Lots of interesting things and amazing events~
It's just.... too good 😽 The co-op, gameplay, story, characters, sound, ...etc...

I believe that Genshin will be more fun in the future :Đ
And yes,of course more plot twist and angst ;-; cuz this is MiHoyo's game

Nothing is better than trying by yourself pfft, so no need to review~ just download now 🙆

Sushi Cat


aww the cat is very cuteeeeeeee
smol but fat~ and also fluffy fluffy @@
cannot hold myself ○□○
no need wifi so it is nice to play at the place as train, road, etc

Somnus : Nonogram


love it~
sometime i still cannot understand how to play.... ;0;
but it's good for my brain =)))) and helpful when ghe electric run out or at the place without wifi -))

Stray Cat Doors2


sooooo cute!!!
this part even more interesting than Stray Cat1 @@
⊙°⊙ we have more thing to do and yes, of course its graphic !!! so adorable

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


_(:3 」∠ )_ Love this game sooooo much!!

Need more luck !!!・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

~~ could you let me mlem your luck, pls?[鬼臉]
Still waiting:)))~~~

Easy to play ~~
Give me more luck to get more ssr !!!((‵□′))

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