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Mario Kart Tour


developers overdid and made a more children's game for young children😡😲😭[no]

Inazuma Eleven SD


though I don’t really like football, but still awesome☺😉✌🍀

Dragalia Lost


all this is the only game that I put 5 please developers do not spoil the game it is beautiful without it☺☺☺😍

if you think about it, there’s no claim to the game, but the game is not so mature that it would get 5 stars😅😅✌

the game deserves 5 stars if you recall it was released in 2016 or in 2017 for that year, this is a masterpiece, but now of course it’s very



the graphics are just so good that they can even compete with computer games😙☺😌

TOP( ^ω^)

Well, don’t know why so but so

the game quickly bothers but it does not spoil it, so to speak, in taste and color[害羞][厲害]

GOETIAX | Japanese


the game is normal, but of course honestly speaking, I don’t like chibi and don’t like auto battles, so I don’t boast much gameplay but you can play

pretty good game I advise

the game is good but there are also disadvantages and bugs but the graphics certainly praise

good very good game[怪笑][怪笑][開心]

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pls help me😔😔😔
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