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1’m HERO


i really miss this gameeeeee, used to play back in 2015. good old times [憋屈][大哭]

Merge Girls : Idle RPG


a really fun game that excels on its grinding aspect, mega mega friendly to any users, be it f2p p2w you name it. not to mention props to the community for being so welcoming to the newbies. great time killer, no wait i guess it is not even being a time killer since it doesn't require many hour to manage stuff to get things right, basically a chill and all game to enjoy the progress of grinding.

<CODE: SEED - A Song of Spark>
surprisingly a good game for a qooapp exclusive,
-well voice acted,
-considerate graphic,
-with a kind of unique gameplay
-edit* a lot of broken translation resulting in skills description doesnt make sense at all and does not match the actual in game effect.
compared to a lot of game being released nowadays which is only a crappy copy paste, this game is a kind of a good pick.
at least worth to try, and might be to your liking.

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


so so

if u are horni n yes you are in the right place.

Among Us


sussy baka



simple gameplay for an idle game, eye pleasing for those who like cute things especially cats, but no damn single meow sound so far.
overall a worth playing game.

not a fan of gundam thingy at all, yet this game hooked me in. the chibi cuteness, and unique gameplay is a big plus![哇噻]

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why i cant log in anymore [大哭], i miss my monstersss Read Note
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