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will fall for pretty art games
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will fall for pretty art games
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Catarina Farm


What can I say as a bakarina fan? [開心] This game is just cute. Period. The gameplay is so simple, one click away. Even if you don't know any Japanese, you can play it right away because they will give you arrow guide. Unlocked all of the crops and smol lands in level 28 in 2 hours hoho. I guess I'm just that bored. AANYWAY, if you are a bakarina fan, just try this one yo meet those pixel cutie chibi character of bakarina's story! ( ~'ω')~



After playing multiple otome and struggling with my connections to play online games, I searching some woryhy offline games and I found this game. I missed playing rhythm games after I finished Cytus 2 a while back and without 2nd thought, I downloaded this game. Good news, I am not disappointed at all! The original songs are absolutely awesome and the UI is sleek and smooth, soo lovely! I give high remark for the "judgement line" system. It gives more challenge to the game and I consider Phigros a fresh new style of rhythm games! Very suitable for you all who wants to try a new type of rhythm game [開心][開心][開心]

Flower Boy Athletic High


Hmm okay, looking at the timeline of their otome game releases (from Marked by King Bs), this game came out on the same year as Loved by King Bs, which is kinda nice because they put a better storyline and imo, better translations. They keep their name Koreans!!

The gameplay is not anything new from the other Day7 otomes: follow the storyline, choose one answer option, raising their likeability by date them after unlocking some costumes and matching clothes (yes that's where my moneys went) soo to unlock their happy endings, you have to spend some bucks like usual. I appreciate their effort to make the story interesting tho~

Oh ya, the art is superb as per usual. You won't regret to spend those frggn diamonds.

ps. almost all of these boys are softboyo sobs, really hard to choose.
Edit: Okay, definitely not that mischievous Chayu Song, nope. I got why the MC feels anxious around him bcs of his uncertainties. Still a good story tho, not the usual head-over-heels prince, but ye it's kinda frustating me.

SINoALICE | Global


After waiting for almost 3 years (and encountered twice login problem gosh), I finally able to play this game!

Gameplay is somewhat simple, or maybe overly simple. Click the weapon and they will hit the enemies, according to your jobs. There are 8 jobs available already, and they give you clear explanation what weapon they can use, etc. Oh ya, I know this game while playing GBF (Grand Blue Fantasy) back then with my friends (how long I didn't look at my acc again) and they said I should deffo try this game out because it's pretty similar with GBF. If you are a GBF player, or atleast know how to play GBF, this game would be very easy for you to understand. Not gonna say that if you are a first timer you'll find much difficulties tho, I can assure you that this game is not heavy at all!

Well, I don't think I need to review the art and BGM for this game because it's Square Enix, so what do you expect duh. Simple say: They're top notch. Atleast to my liking, lol.

The story is our childhood princess stories except Pinocchio (he is not a princess but we know his story right): Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Princess Kaguya (Japanese folktale) BUT THE FUN PART IS THEIR PERSONALITIES ARE TWISTED. Pretty easy to follow, especially because they just give you 3-4 sentences before one game (they call it verse) and like one big summary before every game chapter.

The gacha rate is somewhat odd, but since I got so many SRs from my pull while my friend didn't get that much, I--am still happy lol :"

Overall, I enjoyed this game because of their stories and their art, as expected from Yoko Taro. Last thing to say, as a F2P, this game is pretty generous with their in-game currencies. Gems and moneys are pretty easy to 'farm' here so don't worry if you want to play as a free player like me!

P.S: It took only 800+ MB for storage and I think it's not heavy at all. At first I expect this game would take 1GB++, super glad they didn't took that much space. However, if you really want to try this game, I advise you to prepare over than 1GB storage to prevent any errors while installing the game. Oh and if your wifi keep returning error for you, try using mobile data.

Proposed by a Demon Lord


While the other otome is like an "understanding man" game and somehow a little bit confusing (yet challenging), this game give you all of the stories (full story needs you to pay ofc) and you will just read after choosing character. Feels like reading a novel~ but with bonus art for each character. My only issues are each story is super short [大哭][大哭][大哭] but as always, it's worth to spend some bucks here. Also, after one story you can't automatically continue to the next story, they will put you back to "Story list" and I found it pretty inconvenience.. Fun part is, the stories are soooo well improved from their predecessor (Marked by King Bs). If you enjoy reading novel, then 8 character with different personalities and 50+ main stories are waiting for you!

Obey Me! Shall we date?


No words capt, this game is not your pay-2-win otome and honestly, in my opinion they're pretty generous with their in-game currencies. After finishing some quests, you'll get devil points or moneys etc, I mean it's pretty fun! The story is great too, it's not simply who to date or anything, they hold a deep value for those devil bros. Now when I think about it, this game isn't "choose one to be your partner" kinda otome game. This game makes you befriend with all of them with raising their intimacy through talking in Mystery Guest, using them at battles (oh ya cute chibi art for battle is just *chef kiss*) or make them work (yes it raises their intimacy LOL). I downloaded this game because their card illustrations are mostly great.

Pokémon Café Mix


I really didn't expect anything before playing this game. I bet it is just a simple relaxing puzzle game with pokemon character, running on a cafe. Gladly, I was right until I reach level 50. The puzzle become more trickier, a bit, and my long-gone brain finally working again to solve it. Really love the art and animation tho, huhu precious. SFX and BGM are simple and fitting for cafe-themed-puzzle game. If you are trying to find an easy relaxing puzzle game with cute art, this game is definitely worth to try!

Loved by King Bs


Second installment finished! I really didn't expect anything much from the story because on the previous season you are able to date anyone BUT IN THIS SEASON the premises start with "You're Ashton's girlfriend". Man, I almost drop this, NGL. I mean duh, isn't it kinda awkward for otome storyline??? Think about it, in order to get into relationship with anyone then at some point MC should broke up with Ashton, right?! Totally expected that from the beginning and ugh, my stomach hurts everytime I replay the broke up scene. Eventho I don't really like Ashton, I don't like the idea of getting into another boys (ESPECIALLY IT'S ASHTON'S BESTFRIENDS I FEEL LIKE BACKSTAB HIM???) after broke up, especially this is just a silly misunderstanding :""" I'm sad for them.
Once again, I played this game to get the CGs art, kinda not into the main storyline. Fortunately, (AND FINALLY!!) they provide something like past stories, potrays their friendships better. I appreciate their efforts for that, really such an improvement from the first installment. BIG BUT IS THIS GAME IS MORE COSTLY HAGSBDBBXHD because to get CGs for the past stories, you have to unlock keys and those keys are only available after you roll from gacha = more money to spend. Help, my wallet T.T)

p.s. I still like William and Zack. They are just too handsome and too cool for this dumb MC. But still feeling complicated when the MC finally got together with either one of them after broke up with Ashton, ughhhhhh why I played this game--

Have I told you guys that I'm a pretty-art-games sucker? I knew this game years ago but I just finished the game yesterday, and I must say that I LOVE THE ART SO MUCH!!
The gameplay is your generic otome, nothing new, except you got the chance to go on dates with them. Still, you have to spend some bucks to buy clothes to raise your charm among the boys and to unlock the dates. However, in my opinion, the price is pretty reasonable and I think it's worth to spend moneys (for art) in this game. I unlocked all CGs already and GOSSSSHHHH HANNDHDBSUF I CAN DIE HAPPY.
Just my 2 cents, I do wish they keep the original korean names tho, instead westernized the names. Also, this is my first time I read an otome with full of censored swearing hahah so I am a little bit surprised. The conversation flows isn't novel like (I mean I used to read visual novel and I thought this one also), it's more like.. phone chat conversation? Especially the way Joel Barret talking along the time.. I find it hard to understand and I almost drop this game. But noway hosay, I found it funny after I progressed through the game. Still giving me headache tho, don't tell me I didn't warn yall.
The storyline can be considered short. I know it's not too significant to explain everything inside the game, something along why the popular girl (forgot the name LEL) hate the protag so much and the background story of those boys.. how come they hang out together, why they called King Bs, etc.. too many questions hahah.
Overall, if you like good art, you will enjoy this games despite the loopholes on the storyline. Other than that, I don't think this game stand out too much among their competitors like Cybird. They should work more on rich storylines, imo.

Ps. my bias is William Kal so shshshshshshs everyone you can take Ashton or anyone else. Oh and Zack is just so cool idk what to say[開心][開心][開心] I will lend him but don't forget to give him back. Kek, jk. Let's love this boys equally!! [色色][色色][色色]



I played Collezione before knowing Hunex made this game. Knowing that I'm a s*cker for fantasy-themed games, my friend recommend me this game and so here I am; laughing with Shiba, sobbing with Nagi, trying to understand Ray's absurdness and admiring Natsume's beauty. Yea, I agree that the MC somewhat really dumb or naive, I don't know [難過] But overall, all of the storyline is very well done. The art is awesome too (and yes, I'm looking at you Natsume), another reason why I'm hooked with this game. The BGM are also suitable for all of occasions. I just found some inconsistent translation here and there but not much to make me lost. If you want a simple, leisure, eyes-pleasing art visual novel, this game is definitely for you!
PS. Nagi is so preciousss [厲害][害羞]

Lyrica Game


Relaxing oriental musics and gorgeous arts are all I need to made me hooked with this game. The storyline is a nice one too, and the daily quest is challenging as well. Such a nice concept for a soothing rhythm game~

Disney Twisted Wonderland


When I saw Yana Toboso name on the Credit of Design Character, I know I would be hooked. True tho, I downloaded this game right after they announce their server is open. Beside Yana Toboso, Disney is my childhood friends and movies so I anticipated this game to be great. I'm glad that the arts (and they decided to use Live 2D! How nice) are marvelous and eye-pleasing, the VAs also doing their job flawlessly (yes Prince Leona, I'm talking about you) BUT I put my expectation too high for the gameplay, especially the rhythm part.. I can't say I am not enjoying it because of how SIMPLE their gameplay is, but I kinda disappointed because they said it's somehow a "rhythm" game and turned out the rhythm part is a side gameplay ;w; Well, I'm just hoping too much, I guess. XD I keep this game to enjoy the groovy parts of the cards because Toboso-sensei's art is a bless.

I downloaded this game because their art is super good (I mean who can resist ikemen with deep voice? lol) and it's rhythm game! The gameplay is pretty decent and simple, you just have to tap on the bottom of your screen matching the beats and all. The songs are pleasant too, I like the genres! Oh right, since I can't read any Japanese, I am not sure if this game can be considered an otome or nah. If you want to play rhythm game with ikemen cards, this game is suitable for you.



I installed Alter Ego some months ago and currently waiting for finishing Dogra Magra. The art is simple yet suitable (along with the atmosphere too!) for this kind of clicker game. The music is nice, tho some parts give me some chills.. (。ŏ_ŏ) Anyway, the story is simple and easy to understand. Es is exceptionally cute and fun to hang out with, I can relate to her in some way of thinking hoho. Plus point because she likes to read books. Personally, I like how this game gave you references of the book used in the game! I mean, who would bother? This game is the best.

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Farming Clickity-Click Look at this cutie and fast ppl, farming like no ends. The crops are growing in a rapid speed lmao, really cute game Read Note
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