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Cadria Item Shop


pretty cozy management game. I've tried multiple games luke this but none stuck, hoping this one stays for the long run.

Demigod Engine


Please optimize this game. Cant play it because it freezes even when entering the nickname...

Burst Witch


How the hell do you login into this game? Ive read people saying to downooad bilibili version on TapTap but I dont see it available to download there, only prereg.

EDIT: Im left just hopong that someday this game comes to global.

Merge Catgirl


Remember when f2p games had the NO ADS inapp for 1.99$? good times... The art is cute, it has no story really. Gameplay is just merge merge and merge. Nothing else. I'd have rated the gameplay 2/5 but the absurd amount of ads makes the gameplay impossible to enjoy in any way.

The inapp NO Ads costs 20$. I'm sorry but this game doesn't cost 20$. The only pro is the art. Game wise it's crap. You could have had a nice game with such art, let players decorate and grow the cafeteria, REAL events not more freaking ad events, etc.

This is just a greedy game based on ads and hoping to cash-in on the iaps by annoying the players with so many of those ads.

Hime Mahjong | Japanese


Love the game and the art! Every character has different poses when winning or declaring. You get multiple gacha rolls at the start. Has TONS of customization, and the gacha rates seem to be nice.
A lot more generous than Mahjong Souls and better art and work behind.
I hope they release an ENGLISH version or at least for the web ver., so I can play with friends that get lost with japanese.

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