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Good game



The game is available for download in many countries, but when entering the game, it cannot be played due to the IP ban. This is a dirty game of the publisher, the purpose is to increase the number of downloads, to trick the players that the game has many downloads to play. I call for a boycott of this game because of their dirty tricks. What do you get with dirty running from such a dirty team. From the beginning, they have played tricks to lure you into a trap, then they will continue to play some other dirty tricks to extort your money. Only God knows. It is best to stay away from bad management teams like this, there are many good games out there and serve you very well. What you gain in this game is just being SCAM.

There are two very dangerous things to kill a game. It is false dvertising and greed.
Because this game has nothing special to talk about other than butts shaking but it is censored so you can only see, coat and hair cover all butts, no butts for you to see as them said on twitter "no censorship" it's a cheap lie to attract players, and what they achieve is the player's trust at the bottom of the well. Along with a bunch of bugs that will follow you day and night, causing even the most patient to give up. I have to say the difficulty in this game is the most ridiculous and stupid thing the development team does well. On the same map, two enemies stand next to each other, but one is destroyed in 20 seconds and the other is 3 days later I still can't win, even though my team level is 80. And that's the difficulty for Chapter 7, these are the beginning chapters, it should have a relative difficulty for players to get used to the game, and on Hard difficulty, they should change the name to "ridiculous" or "quit game". So far I still haven't finished Hard chapter 1 with level 80 squad. Is the game development team making a joke or do they not want anyone to play their game anymore? Or do they think players will spend money to get through the ridiculous difficulty wall they put up. So I'm going to tell those who have the idea to play for free to forget about this game, because I'm stuck on chapter 7 and can't see the way out.

Greed is as bottomless as Doraemon's pocket. In addition to creating difficulty, Tom Cruise had to say " is this game impossible ?" to force players to recharge to upgrade. Then gacha is a combination of deception and greed. Banner Helm (new character) has a drop rate of 2%, which means 100 times gacha will give me 2 Helms right? i gacha 120 times and no Helm. Should I give up on Helm or this game? And the price for each 10 gacha is 3k Gems, 6200k games cost 100 usd, that means each 10 gacha cost 50 usd, Final fantasy 7 remake costs 60 usd, are you kidding me dev team . 10 gacha costs the price of an AAA game. In the end, it takes 200 gachas for you to exchange for Helm if you are unlucky. You know, Azurlane also has to gacha 200 times to get the Ultra Rare, UR is something extremely special, not an SSR, which is okay to have, or it doesn't matter without it. The items in the shop are extremely expensive but the benefit you get from it is very little. Most other games sell Mission pass for 10-15 usd, but this game is 25 usd. And to level up in the mission pass, you must complete a series of Tom Cruise's missions. And after 9 days of phenomenal effort with this game (something a mobile game shouldn't force players to do) I've reached level 7/15, and I'm stuck at a lucky 7, this means if i spend 25 usd on mission pass i can only get half of the reward,and the last reward (one SSR ) is unreachable so why should i spend 25usd on something i can not be achieved.. Finally, Gem, it is divided into 2 types, Charge and Free, really dev? it's 2022 now, no developers do that anymore, do you know why? because players hate it. There are so many good things on this earth, you pick the thing people hate the most and bring it into your game, well done dev, well done.
In short, do good gameplay, no bugs, the game is easier to play so players can breathe, then they can stay with your game or recommend it to their friends. for more new players. Then think about the player's pickpocketing, but they don't scream "greedy - liar" and vote 2 stars for your game. Finally, the free player, delete the game and play another game, here is no butt for you, but there is a very high cash wall. [no]

Echocalypse | SEA


I have suffered enough with this game.
Gacha is like a joke.
I want Gryph, so I chose her Draw Banner. The Drop ratio is 40% and Draw Weight is 50 times, Nice Nice Nice, and when I draw the 45th time, I started to feel the two ears of the donkey growing on my head. where is 40% of the drop ratio, game? Something smells like scam here. Okay, I can draw 5 more times to have 50 Draw Weight, I can live with it, I have grinded for more than 2 weeks, I can't give up. And God smiled at me, a ray of SSR light appeared and Tah Dah, not Gryph, what .... !!!! What the Fuk .... !!!! Okay, calm, think. I just got an SSR, so if I have 50 Draw Weight, I will have 1 SSR and Gryph. Yayyyy
Wait, Fukkk ..... draw weight reset to 0. What !!!!! Why ??? Wait a bit, let me read "help", it said, the more Draw, the chance of SSR increased. It said nothing of my Gryph. It is not Helpful at all. It is scam.
I tell you. If I want another SSR not Gryph, I will draw elsewhere, but I have chosen Draw at Gryph Banner, then increase the rate of receiving her, and do not reset draw weight when I draw a SSR other than Gryph. My 2 weeks of grinding effort now becomes ash. I have never seen any stupid drawing mechanism like this game. It was not happy, it made me feel like scammed and angry. I played this game for entertainment, not for you to scam.
And I don't understand why I can't spend money in this trash game. Can my credit card pay all games outside this game, do you make games for fun? You don't need money, right?
Look at your ratings, it's not because your game is so bad, but the way you run it has made people angry with you and your game has paid the price. I played a lot of bad games, but I didn't rated it low because I didn't hate it or were angry with it, but I was very angry and I wanted you to know that. I will play another month, if the updates later do not improve, it will be time to say goodbye.



Signing up for an account is so annoying, this is just a game, why do I have to climb over the ladder to play it. If you want to have more players, remove the current registration method, let players have easier access to the game.

I come here for new outfit

5 times obtain probability for Caesar and Nelson - This is a scam. I've recruited 70 times and can't get a Nelson, don't dream of Caesar, You have to pay $30 for 10 recruits, 70 recruits are $210, 210 my fucking dollars have been scammed for this damn game. I realize how stupid I am, and you will be as stupid as I am if you play this game, you better stay away from it.

super good and fun game 👍

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