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It was nice.

Sumikkogurashi Farm


This is a nice little farming game, but if your are playing for free then its hard to get outfits for the characters.

Animal Restaurant


This is a cute little idle game that takes longer to progress as you play it. While it is harder to progress, it also doesn't take to long to do the daily tasks. I usually only spend about 5 minutes on it a day, while randomly checking in when I'm bored. This is a good game to play to fill up some time.

What made me play this game is its really good art style. The art style for this dress-up game is amazing and unique. In the English version I have encountered some glitches, however it didn't ruin the game for me and was still fun to play.

This is jusy a really good rhythm game. The song choices and graphic are great. Its interesting to see new dances made for old song favorites. The character groups all have their own unique stories throughout the game.

Been waiting for this game after it was announced. I really liked the anime and this game helped expand on the world of Lapis Re:LiGHTS. The animations and art is great. The music in the game are also pretty catchy.

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