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i am a Dragonquest fan and i must say that this game really is good if you are not looking for cutting edge graphics or anything. it have nice music and the battles brought back memories of the 2d battles of Dragonquest added with special graphics in battle. i had played this game during the japanese version and only downturn was that i could not gully understand the story or much event plots. now that the global version is here, i switched. this version will need time to pick up. my only hope is those bots be erased from the game.

Dragon Quest Walk


kept giving me a connection error!!!

please do not try this unless you are juat doing it as a fan of this anime.



I would had given a great rating, but the connection really is bad. I have perfect Wi-Fi and yet the game kept disconnecting telling me of an error.

I do not know what the players are expecting from this game genre. to me it is quite a leisure game. quite no brainer. overall I give it a good rating for this genre.

This game is superb! I had played the previous version and this is surely a top-notch game in its genre! I don't care people asking why am I playing a girl dressing up game. I just love it!
edit: I changed a phone and after reinstalling it got stuck at "checking OBB:

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


just when I thought I can start playing after a game update and it kept telling me that my internet signal is weak when it is perfect!

I love this game...i left the game quite some time ago and when I returned it started asking for region and my last game is gone?!?! asked for support and no replies!

had bee~ playing RS 1-3 over n over favourite is still RS 1 although the direction thingie was irritating. am glad to see this game now for sure!

I love almost everything about it except for the storyline. Don't get me wrong.i mean cos I cannot understand the language.
edit: I wish that this game could be in global or English one day. right now am waiting for dragon quest walk.

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hope that it will be released soon! Read Note
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