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Disney Twisted Wonderland


I've played plenty of gacha games and ive played plenty of games that are still in the beginning phases(fun part of beta testing games) Twisted Wonderland is definitely one of the games in its beginning phase. Not all patches are out yet and im quite excited for the next patch updates.
To start the voice acting is amazing (wonderful job VA's),
the animations for the characters are fluid and that goes for the chibi version during battle as well.
The story line and character interactions if you understand (or have a translating app like me) is actually very well done as well and entertaining.
You have three class to choose from study, flying and potions class. Study specifically levels your character and has honey like drops that you can use to level your character on the card tab from the home screen. the flying lessons gives you candy/sweets drops where once again you can use through the card tab but its for progressing a characters story. Potions class gives you different things and has a schedule where each student changes per day (the drops change as well) you'll get text books to level up your current boys magic level and lollipops that help max out your character (once again you use these on the card tab)It will also increase the buddy level of the two characters paired (no you dont get to choose who the characters buddy is).
now some of those drops you can buy through Sam's shop as well but you'll need to do the potion classes to get the potion coins.
If you hit the rhythm tab on the main page you have different levels to play throughout the main story you already completed easy/normal/hard, you also get rewards for doing each one.
Even though not all the patches are out theres still plenty of things to do in the game.(like right now im focusing on maxing my current draws out from their character lvl to magic and their stories) each boy has their own separate story and a character chat.
The best part is that even though it does have in game purchase alot of the items you can get doing the classes it may take longer but for those that dont want to waste money its an option and gives you plenty to do while waiting for the next patches.
The game is not perfect but thats to be expected out of a new game it has a few bugs on certain rhythm parts but other than that hopefully with the next few patches those will be fixed with additional story added.
I think alot of people forget with brand new mobile games you wont have a lot off the bat and you WILL have to wait for each patch update even Magia Record started out rather slow i remember having it when it first popped up on qoo aap (not alot to offer) but as it progressed we got much more out of it so im expecting about the same thing here.
If you do like the game so far and can manage dealing with it being in japanese i do hope you'll continue supporting this game because im positive it will have alot more to offer us as the game continues to be improved.
If you want to understand whats being said in the game or the tabs but you dont have a translation app just search your playstore there's plenty of different options to choose from.
Update: if you all have continued playing id like to add when you get duplicates of the character it fills your limit break which is pretty cool and once its filled you can max out your limit break uping your character stats.

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Next Event Translation Sorry ive been behind on majority of translations for events but life is time consuming.
Here's the translation for the next event as well as chapter 5.
Twisted Wonderland
<Future plans)
> August 14th 18:00 change
We have changed the schedule as follows.
■ Change
・Octavinel pickup summons: Held in mid-August (August 17, 16:00~)
・Strengthening training camp Octavinel edition: Held in mid-August (August 17, 16:00-)
Wish upon a Star ~Dance and Wishes~: Changed in late August
・Main story Chapter 5 "Beauty oppressor" First part delivery: Changed in mid-September
・Rook Pickup Summon: Changed in mid-September
These 10
■Mid September
Main story Chapter 5 "Beauty oppressor" First part delivery
The story centered on the Pomfiore dormitory will be delivered.
Rook Pickup Summon
SSR Rook [dormitory clothes] is newly added to the summon!
"Rook Pickup Summon" will be held to commemorate the appearance of SSR Rook [dormitory clothes].
*The timing and content of the implementation may change. 
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