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nothing need to say about graphic. it's square-enix so it's top notch. same to the music and sounds.

gameplay do give fft feel and tagatame, which is good combination. lots of features despite being standard one. small improvement can be made with the ai and some functions such as buff/debuff timer, auto repeat quest x times etc

monetization however... well it's the usual gumi monetization. your characters progression will get blocked by that crystal wall sooner or later. keep in mind it's NOT you MUST pay real money, you can try with freebies but it WILL take time. they also add royal rank which progress faster if you pay. kinda bummer.

all in all if you are not into pvp, you can enjoy th game as filler or time killer. but if you are min max-er or pvp-er, well... how tough your wallet?

Azur Lane | Japanese


super friendly collection game. the only downside is not much you can do here and it's mostly solo content

in essence, this is vp but simplified. Since this is mobile game, the main strengths of vp franchise have to be downgraded like the combat system of 1st VP and einherjar systems. while the einherjar stories are amazing as usual, it lacks a certain beauty that exist during vp 1 and vp 2 (which is understandable due this is a mobile game). overall it's nice game

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