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I make worlds with words and lines.
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I make worlds with words and lines.
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I used to love this game, but, with every update, it has become worst. The endgame gets harder every month, so you need the latest medals to even stand a chance at it. Even if you get lucky and pull a nice recent medal, you need five to seven of them just to get all traits (and they can be bad traits as well). Train said medal (just like with normal traits, you can get something good or trash) and max level it three times.

By the time you do all that, your medal is now trash, completely useless on Events or PvP. Of course, if you spent a shit ton of money, you can get as much trait medals as you want, and train it for as often as you want. By the way, each pull costs bout $15 USD and you need from 5 to 10 to get the banner medal guaranteed, that's $75 - $150 USD for one medal that will also become obsolete in a few months. I think I'm done with this game, and I encourage you to follow suit. [發困]

I've tried it a few times, but, I don't know, it seems to me more grindy than even GRANBLUE FANTASY, it's gacha rates are terrible and you really need to grind a ton for everything. Character levels, Stigmata, Weapons, Dormitories, Sakura Samsara and Materials for the first tree. It's visually stunning and it's gameplay feels like an action RPG, but, I guess I'd enjoy it more, if it was less of a chore to grind, less stinky with it's premium currency or at least if I didn't need 100 pulls to get a duplicated SSR.

It's story is all over the place as well and the sound is super annoying specially when upgrading stuff. [汗顏]

Arknights | English


Arknights is a new comer in an already saturated market, but, it made it's mark with it's stylized gameplay, unique mechanics and fantastic art.

As most gacha games, it has great illustrations, but also great in game animations, it's fully voiced in Japanese, it's gameplay is a mix of tower defense with real time strategy. It's story is just starting but it looks promising. The most distinctive mechanism it has when compared to other Gachas is it's energy management, it is quite limited with just a few hundred of points and most missions being quite pricey (from 30 to 36 on average). However, it's possible to do all daily missions and farm efficiently with just two sessions per day.

So, compared to other Gachas this is quite generous with your time by not forcing you to play it non stop for hours every day. You can always make in game purchases to restore your energy and play more, but, even that is somewhat limited, so. In behalf of all the people that play more than one game, thank you Arknights for not turning your game into another work. [大哭]

Granblue Fantasy


Possibly the best Gacha game, GRANBLUE FANTASY, despite it's age for a mobile game, has beautiful graphics and illustrations, it's fully voiced in Japanese and translated into English as well. It's gameplay is akin to that of classics like Final Fantasy with a party of 4 active members, skills and even Summons. Story wise it's also amazing. It's quite generous with both energy and pulls. But, it can be quite grindy for players that want to be at the vanguard of it. For more casual players, it's story is quite good to go at your own peace, events (not all of them at least) are not time limited, so you don't have to worry to get everything before a certain deadline and you can just enjoy it's content at your own peace. It also boast lots of cross over events and characters from varied series, there's been Code Geass, Persona 5 and even Tales of Vesperia and Shadowverse to just name a few. [哇噻]

What started as a spin off of the Fate series is now bigger than it's original, and dare I say, superior in almost every aspect. Gorgeous graphics and illustrations, with the incorporation of the classic Arts, Buster and Quick mechanics from Fate/EXTRA. Amazing story worthy it's own anime adaptations, making the originals feel like the spin offs. The only downsides it has is that the gameplay can become quite repetitive, specially during events, sadly, it's not fully voiced and it's SSR rates are famous to be horribly low.

But even with all of these, the game is purely PvE and you can easily get SSR servants as a F2P player. I've never invested on the game, and I have a lot of good servants already. I'm only missing a Waver or Merlin. But hopefully, I'll get lucky and pull Skadi [大哭]

Dragalia Lost


Amazing game, even if it's a new IP, the story and characters are really well done, I felt in love with a lot of them and can't wait to see how the story progresses eventually (it's quite slow on that part, sadly). As with most gacha games, the events don't make any sense story wise, but, the art is gorgeous, the gameplay is very action oriented, the music is superb, and it's really generous for F2P players. There's been some power creep recently, but, usually, a good unit remains good unlike other Gachas where if you don't have the last units, you can't even participate on events or late story missions. It also helps that it's PvE and that you can play in Co-Op with strangers, friends and alliances.

Pokémon Masters EX


Great game for an indie company with no previous history, wait, this it not an indie game? It's made by the biggest media franchise of all time? Never mind then, this is trash to bait fans of the series and casuals that loved Pokémon GO, Let's Go and Sword and Shield. If you loved Pokémon avoid it at all cost, if you however currently love Pokémon, go for it, and, may God have mercy on your poor soul.

Here's a more serious overview for those interested:

It's average. It looks good, but, the monetization is very aggressive. Paid currency is better than free currency. If you buy, you get pulls that are cheaper and even a guaranteed 5★ pull. If you're F2P, you can get up to 285 gems weekly and you need 300 for a single pull, there's no difference between pulling for singles or tens. But if you compare it to other Gachas, here, you get a 10 pull for every 3 months of doing all dailies and login every single day. 3 months... That's even worst than FGO. Also, Gems are ridiculously expensive. 100 for $1.13 USD. But since you need 300 for a pull, A single pull then costs $3.39 and enough Gems for a a 10 pull cost $31.18 USD. With not even a guaranteed 4★. Characters have too few lines, so, it gets repetitive fast. And their navigation is horrible. You need to press 4 buttons to go from one place to the other with a loading time for every press.

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