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Revived Witch | English


So freaking nice , 2.5 D grafics + pixel art = Octopath Traveler good vibes , the UR character appearence are really UR as mentioned (lol) but isnot that a issue ... Funny , adctive , a game you must try for sure !



Asobimo dont care about us at all . I've lost my account after all this years ... for no improvemment , not a single one ... And they bring the same and now grandpa Avabel ... Well , not expecting anything else from this Developer .

[怪笑] im a big fan boy ... so cant evaluete without act like a fan boy hahahaaha[害羞]

Dungeon Hunter 5


The way the character move sometimes is anoying and innacurate , but over it , is a good pass time . Old , money hungry , but still gold 🙃[開心]

Lineage W


Tem como dar zero ? ...
What the Hell NCSoft are u guys really trying ? Looks like no one developing this trash have once played MMORPG , stop for good please...[怪笑]

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Gorgeous !!!
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