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Disney Twisted Wonderland


In my opinion, I find this game quite entertaining. [厲害] I like the story lines in here, as well as the graphics and the design. I also like the songs, melodies, and the voice actors in here~ [色色]
Of course i'm just a beginner in Jap language, so i'm slow to read the subtitles, [難過] however, i have no major problems with it. [耍帥]

Overall, i recommend this game to people who like the combination of Action, Adventure and Rythm.[開心]

Disney Music Parade


I like the game concept and songs very much! I give a thumbs up if for people who like rythm games!![開心] The only thing that i dont fancy is that we cant replay the songs as its on random. [耍帥] It would be nice if there was another section where we can replay the songs already played. [微笑]

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