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I think people are being a little too harsh on it, if it wasn't a tales game it would get more positive reviews. let's be realistic here- the graphics exceeded my expectations, imo way better than Tales Of Arise and Tales Of Crestoria. I comparable to the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games which graphics I always enjoyed. The gameplay isnt anything groundbreaking, but it plays very smooth and the mechanics are basically ToA simplified and easy to pick up. The gacha system, well, its a mobile game, but it seems very F2P friendly so far. Not too grindy at all it seems like. Its basically all in the equips and outfits, every character is unlocked when you get to their chapter. Story is kind of whatever so far, not as interesting as ToA but I only completed Ch 1. All in all, for what it is, it is a breath of fresh air for mobile games, Tales of games, and JRPGs in recent years. Give it a go! Thanks!

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! In my opinion, they took the formula of other games (HI3rd) and actually perfected it. Graphics are stellar, combat mechanics are smooth and tight, and the character designs are amomgst the best in mobile anime styled action RPGs in general. As soon as I was taken to the turorial and saw what I was in for, I fell in love. I can say that this will overtake Honkai Impact 3rd as my top mobile game. I'm not surprised that a lot of people are saying it's better, because overall, it is! why are you still reading this? Get to installing!

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