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Hi I don't know what to put here soooooo.... Ok
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Hi I don't know what to put here soooooo.... Ok
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I was hoping for the april fools joke to become a game, then it got announced and I got exicited but now Im just dissapointed, Im stuck playing as a girl
( ・-・) ps: I have seen many otome with male protags and love intrest.
Also : to clarify I didnt know this was a otome until I saw the reviews which is another reason why Im dissapointed since I was waiting so long for this only to find out ther is no male setting... but dont take that as me hating on the game just because of the whole "gender thing" as a game its just sorta okay 3/5. And finally Im sorry I am just a idiot who got overly exicted when he saw nekopara + cat boys.




Yurutto Jump+ Allstars



This game is amazing, its a shame that it will be shutting down.[大哭]

Its awesome!

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Nice game Im personally only here for felix Read Note
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