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Male | 21 | Straight | Single | Indonesian / English <3
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Male | 21 | Straight | Single | Indonesian / English <3
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My very first gacha hell game and still playing it (IDK why) [大哭]

Azur Lane | English


Generous waifu collector game. Enough said.[色色]

Genshin Impact


The best ADV-RPG game I have ever played so far. Currently using a mid-end spec smartphone and it works just fine on med graphics 60fps (with a lil bit of lag sometimes). Been playing for 2 months and sitting at AR 46 atm with the worst possible luck on gacha as a starter XD (got Qiqi on standard banner guaranteed 90 pulls and Mona from losing 50/50 on Childe banner (pls send help). At first, the game will probably very grindy rushing to level up AR, Chars, Weaps, and Artifacts. But no worries if you want to play casually just need to do daily (commission and resin) and you will catch up with the others eventually.
It's a non-PvP game anyway lol why so serious. JK [怪笑]

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