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having fun
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having fun
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.... honestly the only redeeming quality abt this are the visuals.. the art/chara design are gorgeous and thats about it. its such a waste of good art..gameplay is underwhelming even for an idle rpg the sound is so bad especially during battle, standard speed is really slow so even with x2 its still a drag but the gacha rates not too bad.. A+ for visuals though.

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


your usual satisfying idle rpg nothing too insane altho the illustrations are stunning very beautiful [害羞]

Blue Sky Arena | Korean


There are better idle AFK out there tbh, far more free to play friendly than this. the different thing about it is the screen being horizontal and the illustration artstyle being absolutely stunning.. you might hit a wall very soon however..

Classmaster Online


Fast paced idle game, the pixels are clean and the chara design is cute love it.. since the game is fast paced its equally as generous. Altho there's the language barrier the instructions are not difficult to guess. Give it a try perhaps~

Final Gear | Global


after clicking to install data freezes 2seconds in hmmm...

EDIT: it got to work so i could play the game however there are quite a few occasional bugs and lag. other than that its good.

Mitrasphere | English


[耍帥][色色] aaah very healing and beautiful the game and its aesthetic has a really nostalgic tone to it i love it. I hope a lot of people will give it love and attention. Deserves it.

edit: cant wait for them to release the banners my sea crystals are stacked[開心]

gameplay is nice not that strategic though, its still better than average. For me the best thing about this are the graphics and character designs. Everything is really beautiful~ gets a little boring as you play but it's still worth playing to enjoy your free time~

Devil Book | Global


i remember having played this in the korean version aaah its so cute it took a while but im glad its on global now~

EDIT: had i not known how decent the game is thanks to the korean version i had played for a bit years ago i would have rated the game poorly.... and here's why..:

Not all games nowadays run on old devices that's a downside but not their problem game developers aim for high optimisation and processing, it's a competitive innovative market. Old devices won't be able to support that quality with their modest settings and limited options that's why new-tech exists. I'm saying this while both my phones old and new literally wont run the game lmao 3 minutes in barely whenever I do the 10 summon selection it crashes, forcing closing.. theres definitely a bug that causes that because it's not just one or two people with this issue besides they have stated on their forum that old devices should be able to run it so it would lead to assume it was tested. Bugs will happen but the developers gotta look into all that and fix it...sent the customer support team complaints but they give the same solutions I have already tried way before contacting them. None of those methods work, I literally juggled between two phones to make it work.. tried on my brother's phone too, nothing..a waste of time. How lazy of them~

Granblue Fantasy


everything is so beautiful in this game the only downside for me is the basic battle system since i love strategy rpgs but eh whatever..cus you got a lot to do so its not boring + the story, graphics, music, illustrations are so beautifully done. its free to play friendly and definitely entertaining. to keep on your device for a very long time[害羞]

to continue playing, it asks you to make an account and....... haaaa as you know its not easy to sign up on chinese apps to login to a chinese game.. most the time a phone number is required. too bad it looked nice i guess I'll wait until maybe they decide to make a global server.

Blue Archive | Japanese


its a nice game really i would like to see more of it IF IT DID NOT CLOSE FORCEFULLY. LIKE WHY DOES IT DO THAT?? the game performance on my phone is smooth then after around 7 minutes it closes for NO apparent reason what the hell.

Arcana Tactics


Finally its getting a global version[賣萌]i love this game's system its REALLY engaging. the art is beautiful graphics as well. I hope many people will give it a try once its officially released and HOPEFULLY they keep it as free to play as the korean servers..[可憐]

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