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Not down with the permissions. Normally I'm not one to be bothered by it but its asking for a lot.

Visual Squad | Korean


Right well. Seems like none of the main issues have been fixed from the previous version. I'm not sticking around long enough to find out whether I'll be locked out of my account like in the past either lmao.

Luna Mobile


Pretty fun. The classes are a bit lack luster though.



Pretty nice little idle game. I can't play idle games for more than a few days but I still enjoyed this one.

The gameplays semi unique but a lot of people will probably find it boring as would I. For me the nice effects to attacks makes it decently fun. A lot of things are missing in terms of gameplay. Characters are forced to attack every turn there is no "skip turn" button. It just seems like no thought was put into the game besides the art and effects.

Raziel | Japanese


Great graphics ok gameplay. Has english voice acting? And its pretty decent. There's some exploration to be had on each map. Overall feels like a pretty solid game.

Some of the attack sound effects sound like a hatchet hitting wood or are just overall unpleasant sounds. Its the typical idle game but the live 2d is a nice touch and overall the game looks nice.





Graphics are nice(ish) you can see the pixels on character models. Story cut scenes are nice and some seem to be interactive. The gameplay isn't for everyone but I personally enjoy it. Most essential things seem to be translated (Mainly talking about home screen stuff). And the layout of the game is pretty clean.

The rates and the grind is too much man.

A watered down Honkai Impact with the Guilty Crown IP slapped on? While I do enjoy it simply because I enjoyed the anime the game itself is very, well, *Not impressive* not to mention that there's many games like this out on the market already.


Evangelion Battlefields


Leaving it for now.

Keeps force closing when trying to start.

Lord of Heroes


Its good and f2p. Only thing that stops me from playing it is it just doesn't feel as fun as it did in the test I participated in. Maybe its because I've played so many other games since the test or they changed something I have no idea but its good. One thing is that it doesn't feel like a complete game.

Laggy gameplay?

Senki Strike | Japanese


Pretty solid game with decent rates.

Witch's Weapon | Korean



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