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Keeps force closing when trying to start.

Lord of Heroes


Its good and f2p. Only thing that stops me from playing it is it just doesn't feel as fun as it did in the test I participated in. Maybe its because I've played so many other games since the test or they changed something I have no idea but its good. One thing is that it doesn't feel like a complete game.



Laggy gameplay?

The tutorials are so annoying.

Senki Strike | Japanese


Pretty solid game with decent rates.

Witch's Weapon | Korean



Can we talk about the rates lol.

Blade 2 | Korean


This games pvp is the worst
. I have 900k power and get beat by 400k power.

Fun and Unique. Rates are ok.



Phenomenal so far

The game freezes often and has connection issues.

Even with vpn set to singapore downloads still fail. I've tried a few. Something tells me its the game not the location.

Inuyasha: Revive Story



Castle Bane


Its a decent game. The art style is unique and frankly I'm digging it. Rates are pretty decent. A few translation issues but not really anything serious.

Lord of Heroes


So far besides the rng based equipment upgrade system I am loving everything about this game. The frontier test is over for anyone wondering.

Re: Zero Infinity


Its ok. I would give an actual review rather than just giving 5 stars since its re:zero *cough* but honestly there's nothing special to really be said. The graphics are decent with fps drops during the level complete screen. The rates are like 1.5% i think so nothing amazing. Honestly the whole semi combo thing is just annoying most of the time since you have to wait about 3 seconds for the character to target a different one than the one in the air.

Hundred Soul


Its good and it looks good but it didn't really attach me the way it needs too for me to play it often. Another major problem for me is the updates. Everytime I went to play it after a week or 2 it called for at least a 1gb download.

The game looks amazing and has smooth animation. The gameplay is boring, not unique at all, and generic

Action Taimanin


Character options and variety is going to be a problem later down the line. I don't know where this originates from, but having just 3 characters is probably going to make the game boring for a lot of people. The combat could be a little more in depth(not talking about combos). Overall though it looks nice and the rates are ok.

Amazing graphics. I think of it like sekiro's and hi3's baby.

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