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I like to play PUBG and Japanese games I dont understand lol
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I like to play PUBG and Japanese games I dont understand lol
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Pocket Land


Is there a way to change the language of the game? I understand a bit of japanese but I would prefer it in english. I would also like some kind of way to change the dimensions of the screen as it looks weird on my device.



i really enjoyed this game. very easy to understand which is very good because i dont understand japanese at all. if youre into the weird games this is definitely worth checking out.

Geometry Dash


amazing game. the official levels are boring and the game doesn't get updates anymore but the community is still strong. amazing levels are being made and ive been introduced to some great songs. overall good game [賣萌]

Naica Online


This game looked promising. The pixel art is amazing and the music is really good. I know this is open beta or something, but this game is just unplayable. The text goes off border so you can't read all of what the characters say. There was a graphic telling me to click somewhere but nothing happened. It looked like it was trying to get me to buy in app purchases. This game might get better, but i would just wait until future updates to come out.



pretty cool dragon ball game! i wish you could customize shallot a little more and the story had 3d cutscenes, but overall pretty good. Very satifying when you get a new sparking character and you have enough gems to summon 10 per day.

There isnt much of a storyline, but this game is amazing. The music is epic and the characters are cool. I couldn't choose walking cat because you need to pay for him [大哭] But i guess the developers need to make money somehow. It isn't like street fighter, it reminds me more of tekken

Spotify Music


very good! sucks that you cant pick songs like the pc version but the sound quality is amazing and the UI is easy to use.

one of the best games you can get on your phone. not pay to win

Standoff 2


full of hackers but still an okay game

"ah sh*t, here we go again" - CJ

Spit The Milk And Lose!


i dont undertsand japanese but this game is easy to understand and very funny



this game is good.

I like this game but it would be better if it was an actual fighting game. 🔘👅🔘

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