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22/7 Music Time


The gameplay is tooo similar to Bang Dream and idol@ster. Its 95% Bang Dream just with idols but the game is fun though. Just wish it wasn't toooo similar to Bandori and Idol@ster.

Kizuna Striker


The game is....nice I guess...

Sakura Scramble!


Non of the girls are my type...

Cute Bois bad gameplay....

A decent game i guess...

I would rate it 5 stars if they would to fix the broken 3D. Everytime i try to play on 3D mode all i see is a black screen![大哭]

Really love the game! I rate it 9/10

Opinion: Love the gameplay and the graphics are cool! Eh...the music needs more work. Other than that awesome game!


On Air!


Ensemble stars! + Love Live! = On Air!

The gameplay is like Ensemble stars without moving 2D characters, and the story is like Love Live when they're trying to prevent the school from shutting down.


I changed my mind! This game is awesome!!!!

Please fix the bug on the game. Every time i go on the mission 1-2 the game turns black and than boom crash! I dont know if its the file not working or it could be a bug in the game but please fix this. I REALLY want to play the game but its sad that it has to end like this...[大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]

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The game is called "Tap" for a reason. What else did you guys expect?  Read Note
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