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There are too many games and I feel like drowning...
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There are too many games and I feel like drowning...
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World Flipper | Japanese


There is something about this game that gets you addicted. The pinball gameplay is a breath of fresh air, and I can't help but admire the idea to transform this traditional arcade game into a modern smartphone game.

The pixel art style and retro BGM is the icing of the cake. Each chapter is paired with a different BGM. Though you may not fully understand Japanese, you can still feel the efforts of the production team.

The gameplay is simple as you tap the screen and shoot the characters to attack monsters. But unlike the traditional pinball game, you can change the direction of your balls (character) in mid-air. Certain techniques are also needed to hit your enemies' critical points. It also gives you the thrills when you successfully break the enemies or deal great damage with a powerful skill.

When building your team, you can use all the abilities from the main and sub-characters. Which sub-character can unleash the full potential of your main characters becomes the key question here.

One thing I like the most is that you can invite your friend to play in boss raids. I have fun collecting boss coins to exchange characters or weapons in the shop. Though not many stages are available at this moment, I look forward to further updates.

I have been waiting for this for so long and I am glad that it doesn't disappoint.

It is a pity that only one song is available in this trial version. There are so many good songs in the Ensemble Star series and I can't wait to play more.

The graphic is as good as always and the 3G animation really amazes me. I particularly like the fact that you can set your favorite characters as the center, while a short time of solo performance is shown during the middle of the song. It gives you something to expect for,

But I do feel that the tap button is too small, so it is kind of difficult to tap the note. Lucky that you can change the note into different styles and even turn the screen darker to make the note more obvious.

There are four difficulties for each song. It may not as difficult as other rhythm games, but it certainly put some challenges. ( I get an S in Hard mode and A in Expert mode... so it is not that difficult)

All for all, I can't wait for the official release of this game. Btw, I am rooting for AKATSUKI XD

Ayakashi Rumble!


A mediocre game with simple gameplay and fairly nice graphic. The gameplay is a deja vu and there is nothing special about it.

Auto mode will finish the battles for you. As an Onmoyji, you can use spiritual power to unleash the skills of the shikigami or revive them if they die (only when your spiritual power is enough).

Gacha is a mix of characters, weapons, and armor. The probability is 2% for ★5 characters and 3% for weapons and armor. The game gives you around 50 draws at the beginning, and I get one ★5 character & one ★5 weapon. So it is not particularly good.

But the game has lots of cute girls, so if they are your cup of tea. You can give it a go.

It is not bad as a rhythm game, though I am not really used to a vertical interface. It feels like the note sticks too close together, and it is really difficult to watch and respond in time. This is especially obvious in advanced mode. Three difficulty modes and an auto mode are available.

The music is also above average, so you can still enjoy it even with the messy note. Bad boy's style may not be my cup of tea, but I do like the visual (though the image quality is not the best compared to other otome games).

Fully-voiced main stories and even tutorial is highly appreciated. Lots of famous voice cast can be found, so I probably will stay in the game because of the cast. But the just not my favorite. Maybe I am just tied that the heroine is so weak and useless...

The probability of the gacha is 3% for ★5 characters, so it is still hard to obtain the character that you want.

Granblue Fantasy


I play for six years and this is the best game I've ever played!!!!

The character design is just amazing. I am moved not only by the main story but also by every side story. The magnificent voice acting further drags me to the story.

The system allows you to make weapons, change to different jobs and nurture characters. There are a lot of buff in the game and I have great times thinking of strategy to win in battles.Time is needed in this game, but it is really worth your time.

BTW, you can change the language into English in the game, so it is highly recommend for English players too!!!

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