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Hero * Senki WW


been playing on the DMM ver(check that ver if you want the 18+ ver) since the beginning and for me it's a great game tbh this is the only mobile gacha game where I manage to finish the story mode.

gameplay is quite simple turn base strategy all characters only have 3 skills each skill has a certain range and effect the usual stuff if you have played the original game you'd more or less know what to do though some skills has been change probably for balance issue. early to mid game you can win with just having more stats but hard modes and bosses that's where you start to think about which unit to use positioning and figuring out what the enemy does tbh even today there are some boss I have problems with

majority of the game is really just PVE content there is a monthly PVP event though but you are just fighting AI the only problem I find in this game is the lack of social modes in the game though I am not Japanese some chat or guild system would have been nice.

for the gacha system i's one of the most friendly gacha system out there where you have a guaranteed banner unit on the 5th 10x and the first pull is always at a discount for new players I highly recommend to simply do a pull once and only go all in if there is a certain character you really want i have like 48 4 stars already and all of it without spending a single gem pretty sure I have like 80% of the 4* in the normal pull majority of what I miss are event units. there's also a marrage system unlike other games where you buy rings usually with premium currency the resource you need are hearts you can get one if you roll 10x in the event banner you get extra 2 hearts if you get a new 4 star and 1 if you get an extra 4 star I have like 70 of those and only married 1 they need to be fully maxed stat and affection you also get a 4 star ticket shard 30 of those will allow you to get any available 4 star in the store again only in event banner gacha level I sometimes wonder if the game actually gets money with how much gems you get in this game even after finishing the main story mostly because there are always events and events means more gems.

there is no tier list in this game cause everyone is useful including the 2 stars though for beginners I highly recommend this 3 characters Khan, Achilles , and Gilgamesh there is quite an abundance of red character in this game making Khan a good starting unit she also get an equipment where she gain BP when it's her turn. Achilles is the fastest unit in game she can probably solo 80% of the content in the game though that's a bit boring to watch her main use is BP gain but she's kinda useless if the front enemy isn't a sword or blue unit pretty annoying in pvp unless you have one yourself for Gilgamesh well she has been the only boss killer in a very long while and she will always be a boss killer even today against any red boss she has high cost though so she is only usable in event Achilles also has high cost but considering you can run her solo it pretty much negates that problem. though everyone still has their use so I don't really see the need to reroll they currently have 15 free 10x pull so have fun I guess. the appstore/google play gacha has Asanagi's character she's an oppai loli it's expensive because it contains event only characters

my major complain though its quite hard to get resource in this game chances are you'd run out of gold first before you run out of gems even though I have 48 4 star only like 8 of them are fully maxed and I already mentioned that everyone is useful so you also have to maxed out 3* and 2* too that's how much you need upgrade materials for stat skill and equipment and gold for ranking up, it's mostly because of the energy system in the game idk they need to at least reduce the energy cost for the resource maps and again as mentioned lack of social functions in the game it's more or less a single player game.

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