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Pretty decent DQ game.

Seems like this game is bound to get a global version or ay least something similar to GBF. Story is in English and majority of the UI is in English too. Only vital translation that is missing is for the equipment's skill descriptions. Overall solid production quality with nice graphics and l2d and quality voice acting too. Gameplay is like the evolution of Logres and as a still active Logres player I'm really digging this game. Really hoping that this game get some traction.

Assault Lily Last Bullet


Its a really solid game. It took some ideas from sinoalice and symphogear(though mostly sino) which are other pokelabo games most notably the combat mechanics and the 2d sprite of the characters. The game do still have its own twist to make itself different to sinoalice like the capability to deploy 4 units instead of just 1.

The art is also very well made with some nice l2d and UI, I also find the sprite animation to be a bit more fluid compared to sinoalice.

I do have some complaints though mainly the limited entry for the resource quests which made worse seeing as there's plenty of stuffs to upgrade, of course it will be less of a problem once you're done upgrading most of your main stuffs but it does limit your progress a bit when starting out. You do have the option to use crystals for more entry but thats also limited to just 2.

There's currently a free daily 10 pull gacha for 10 days and they give you enough crystals to do another 3 multi pulls. The tutorial gacha also gives you 2 guaranteed 5* which is nice. Gacha rate for 5* is a respectable 3%

Current game size: 4gb

A pretty standard turn-based rpg wrapped with pretty good character arts and decent 3d character models. What I love the most is the saturated gothic look of the UI, it looks somewhat messy but it does give the game its unique charm. Quest for materials to raise your units have an entry ticket which seems to be 3 a day with an option to buy more from the shop with premium currency, this is a bit disappointing but it is up to you if you want to whale on this or just be patient, nothing game breaking. 2% gacha rate but the game seems generous from its rewards from quests and stuffs and the game do offer a reroll on the initial summon where you can take 1 of the 3 available 5star unit. Overall its a decent game and I'll be taking it as a side game.

Total size: 2.5gb

OBT is done. Gotta w8 for full release.


Actually have more depth and content than I was expecting. There's actual events with actual contents that you can actually do(not those enhance x units and defeat x number of enemies "events") and thats pretty surprising and Im hoping we get more of those.

There are also modes where you can walk around maps which is refreshing to see on this type of game. Outside of that just expect the usual stuffs you see on gacha idle/rpg games though not needing dupes to increase lvl cap is very nice to see.

Overall its not groundbreaking but definitely a very polished game thats looks to be leaning on the f2p side.

Idle Space Farmer


Its an alright time waster. If you're familiar with Zombie Hive and other incrementing games then you'll know what to expect here only with waifu collection. At least they have different gacha for different rarities making it a bit easier to collect all the characters.

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


Worth the wait. Clean 2d graphics with smooth animation that really gives Disgaea justice. Although they switch it up to a turn-base combat the game offers a pretty intensive unit customization, at least for a mobile game, that really makes team building interesting specially when more characters drops.

Aside from the pretty decently long story campaign there isn't really much to do yet but I expect that there will be more soon as other characters comes along. Gacha rate to currency ratio is pretty bad though but at least they give a lot from the start which should help everyone getting a good start.

Z/X Code OverBoost


Cute and vibrant graphics, decent gameplay but just god awful server with absurbdly long loading times and constant disconnection. Wish they fix this soon.



Extremely underrated game. Its not groundbreaking or anything but it just well executed and very polish with cute graphics and just a good amoung of grinding. Its really fun raising all the units you get to max lvl and rarity and man, there's so many of them.

Last Period | Japanese


Really a charming game with its adorable graphics and actually pretty fun combat mechanics. The fact that you can even customize your units appearances with accesories like headgears and stuffs just makes it more charming and shows how much care and details the devs put in the game.

Easily one of the most unique gameplay out there and one of the true "multiplayer" gacha game that you can find. Its a bit shame that the global server went down as the learning curve can be pretty steep if you don't have anyone to teach you, thats assuming that you can't read jp, as google translate won't really tell you much on how the gameplay(specifically the stacking) works.

Graphics is pretty adorable with very clean and easy to navigate UI and the servers are well populated which makes its mmo aspect just the more livelier.

Too bad that the game is way too overcrept at this point making some of the weapon series a must have and managing your 'crystals' is very crucial to catch up.(reroll hell is real here)

Fortunately there's always plenty of events going on and stronger players are always ready to help.

Pretty decent gacha rpg sprinkled with LoH goodies. Expect the usual auto-battling grind, powering up units and the likes. The UI is pretty daunting to navigate at first glance but I got the hang of it in a few minutes of trial and error. Gameplay have potential to be strategic so we'll see how it goes while the graphic resembles the more modern LoH titles so there is that.

I'm still pretty early in the game to have an opinion on the gacha aspect but having multiple banners doesn't inspire confidence in me. They do hand out 3 4* characters + ur initial 4* summon so that should at least help you progress in the early game.

Would love to see an english community springs out soon to get some guides and stuffs.


There's hella lot of content! Really lives up to LoH name so raising my rating from 4 to 5.

Sevens Story


Simply a very charming little srpg. Very generous on in-game currency and good gacha rate that can vary to 3-6% for 5* depending on the banner and right now the 2nd anniversary is on going with free multipull daily and a x2 rate-up banner which easily floods you with 5*(I got 9 5* and still counting without spending a single premium currency).

There's also plenty of events alongside the story and the usual farm quests which means there's always plenty of stuffs to do. Oh and there's also a very simple farm feature and a little property management just to give a bit more charm on an already charming game.

Its a bit of a shame that there's no huge community behind it, at least for english players, but it doesn't take much away from the game as you usually just do the events and collecting and strengthening your heroes and a bit of pvp here and there.

It leans more to the semi-casual gamers but even some of the hardcore player should see some mileage on this game.

Total size: 900mb

Its pretty buffling to see this game having such low rating.

Gameplay wise its a pretty solid matching game with a few twist here and there. Standard battle last for a few minutes which leads to some exciting battles though this also leads to a slow progression especially at the start where new players might think that the game is pretty stingy. Its a little baffling though as to why the pvp is a standard auto battle. Getting your units up and running is a bit steep though but just getting some good units and being good at the game is already a good start. Doing daily mission is a must to increase your level quickly which is interlock with your units level cap. Oh and coop is pretty fun despite the low player count.

Presentation wise the game have fairly decent graphics and character artwork are pretty nice even to the lower rarity units. UI is easy to navigate and even if you can't understand the language you'll easily be able to get the hang of things.

Total size: 900mb

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