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I don't agree with how overly sexual some of the characters are and the amount of fan service but I am enjoying the game alot and it's become my favorite gacha game of the year. I like trying out different Nikke's and the battle system is fun especially when they use their burst skills. So far the game has been extremely generous with Nikke drop rates. Since starting I managed to accumulate 37 Nikke's and at least 10 of them are SS, S and A tier. I've become so invested in the game I've watched YouTube videos and followed Tier lists to better understand the game and characters. There are alot of issues with the game specifically the constant bugs but they aren't anything major that would make me quit playing. It's definitely a different gameplay experience for me which is probably why I'm so addicted.

Path to Nowhere


As an Tower defense fan i really applaud the gameplay, graphics and mechanics of it all. Differs from Arknights so i dont know why ppl are saying it's an Arknights copy. You can move your characters around and it's all about strategy. Fun and addicting

Tower of Fantasy | Global


Loving it so far despite it's shortcomings. Hey not every gane is going to be perfect! It reminds me more of Borderlands meets Genshin. Even the Hyenas are like the monsters from Borderlands.It's addicting just like Genshin was at launch and of course a huge battery drainer but i cant wait until they improve the game as more players discover it because it has sooo much potential to be just as fun as Genshin. I love Samir btw.

Blue Archive | Global


So far so good!!! Exactly like the JP version only except it's in English. i dont know what everyone is complaining about in regards to Nexon. I have to say im doing alot better gacha wise in this version than i ever did in the JP.

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