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I just started this game, but I already like a lot. It's fun and super cute too and it's really to get.

Heritage of Mayhem


OK so the translation is really bad. The battle system is really boring. . The story is meh.

Not to mention that the games runs extremely slow, doesn't matter how strong your connection is or how good your device is either. It's mega annoying.

The only thing that I liked in this game was the atmosphere and the settling .. That was nice.

But still, not worth anyone's time in my opinion

I mean the game's quite quite OK... The graphics are cute... But it's kind of auto-battle, so meh.

Final Fate TD | Global


I usually don't enjoy or get hooked up with tower defense games. But this is pretty good.
The graphics are top notch.
The gameplay is quite entertaining and gets you hooked for hours.
It has VIP system, but as a free player you can obtain VIP exp and level up your VIP, so it's quite nice.
And it's really generous with F2P people in general as well :). They give a lot of daily freebies.

Island: Exorcism


The story is terrible, the voice acting is awful... The battles are pretty shitty and automated.

The graphics are only cool on the 4 seconds loop vid when downloading the extra data at the start.

The rates are disgusting.

This game is not worth anyone's time to download it.

The concept of the game is good, the art is really nice and so the bgm.

But the battles are automated and I won't ever understand why a lot of devs think players would enjoy that 🤷🏻. That's not fun at all in my opinion

Beyond the field


I really like this game! I hope it gets localized tho, cause there are a few things that I really don't understand xD

Lost Archive


The translation is really bad lol but it's a nice game with an easy gameplay. Enjoyable.

Athenion: Tactical CCG


Man, this game is so bad.... Download it if you just have free time to waste.

I really like this game .

I think it's really fun. The gameplay is interesting
The art is really great 😍 and the storyline is nice so far.
The music's is also good.

The game is not that big (comparing it with similar ones) which is awesome =)

So glad this game's finally out!

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