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The concept of the game is good, the art is really nice and so the bgm.

But the battles are automated and I won't ever understand why a lot of devs think players would enjoy that 🤷🏻. That's not fun at all in my opinion

Beyond the field


I really like this game! I hope it gets localized tho, cause there are a few things that I really don't understand xD

Lost Archive


The translation is really bad lol but it's a nice game with an easy gameplay. Enjoyable.

Athenion: Tactical CCG


Man, this game is so bad.... Download it if you just have free time to waste.

I really like this game .

I think it's really fun. The gameplay is interesting
The art is really great 😍 and the storyline is nice so far.
The music's is also good.

The game is not that big (comparing it with similar ones) which is awesome =)

So glad this game's finally out!

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Newbie Just started the game and already love it (despite the awful translation lol. . I think I'll switch it to jp sigh)
I need in-game friends! Please, add me 4060303066
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