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Lord of Heroes


This game literally for p2w players. If you don't have money to paid, wait to 15 days get 5 star for free and hard-work (rank/conquer the map/dungeon) to increase exp/lv. Very hard-working but sucks. :)
The rest is fine, graphic or story 5/5.
Gameplay 3/5

Easy to play, about story like the anime movie, the graphic and art are good (some SSR card have voices, some not). It suitable for you to kill time and get the gacha for fun (SSR to power up your strong card/team).
But if you play long enough or want some dramatic, it not suit for you or else you will get boring easily. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



The graphic, the voice characters is perfect.
Stories with rhythm-style game, very good.
Great to play but you need to purchase for all the features of this game to enjoy. 💁‍♂️

Lord of Dice | Global


believe me, the art of this game is freaking beautiful. It makes my eyes almost After awaken and envolved your card, the chars is literally become 2dlive and it great (the art is so good ;-;). I play this game just because of that.
If you wondering about guild or gameplay, it fine but play long enough is boring. Exception for top guild, another are almost full of dead players inside. The Gacha is meh...depending on your luck.

A3! | English


hm..this very interesting game

Graphics are colorful, eye-catching, the characters are okay and very good of the voice actors (in my opinion [白眼]). And have downloading a lot, it not took too long but short and a lot.
If you wonder that this game is rhythm-style game? Frustrated for you, but it's not. This game is you train your cards to increase their hearts and relationship, help them overcome the chapter and play gacha with ssr depending on your luck, read the story like how pretty games are ... etc in many ways.
Plus, you can watch your card play a cast at theater.

oh, i think the dev are creative, maybe, because the style of the story is not boring. Yes, it is very interesting. Very very colourful, I like it because the graphic so catching me. Haha. 😂

wow, the graphic and music so freaking good, perfect. I like it already when playing, but it's Japanese so i don't understand much about the story and others. :)

Onmyoji Arena | Global


The rank system makes me so depressing Full of afk and troll/trash people play,don't know how to play like a team and decrease my rank very bad. I wish i can punch them on the face when i can. ghosh...

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