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your usual Casual Gamer
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maybe the idle game u're looking for, idk if its just for me but the sounds in battle is like ur in water or something

tbh i dont understand a thing, would be helpful if someone made a discord community for it

Blue Archive | Global


It's pretty much like JP (For once, Nexon actually did a good job on this one).

I only have problem with the Banners

For the banners, idk if Nexon wants to sell the characters where they will truly shine, they did Aru banner with Mashiro, expecting that players are in need of good Explosive units and they also did Haruna Banner in Izuna Event, expecting that players will need Mystic units for the event and prolly for the Tsubaki counters

For the Censorship, i know that they can't so anything about it so i don't care about it and people keeps yapping like they are some horny pedo. It's just a single CG ffs, they will prolly make another censorship from now on but i don't think it will affect Swimsuit, Bunny , and Onsen versions of the characters because they only censored Arisu's body which is practically naked and they didn't do the same with Eimi which is i think, Eroi

Other than Banners, i don't have any problems how Nexon handles Blue Archive

Revived Witch | English


Just like my other reviews on Yostar Games, i'm pretty much biased to them.

Graphics - As a Pixel Fan, I loved the animations and Pixelated version of the characters especially Ella (because of her tail). If you liked the Graphics on this game, go visit their twitter @pixelnekogame [開心]

Sound - The BGM's are really good that you will even pay Mana (The gold currency for this game) just for the music box which changes your BGM in dreamworld (where you do dorm, commissions etc.). It can be eerie, soothing and many.

Gameplay - its pretty much like Pokemon where if you stand on the front of the trainer, it will call you and challenge you to a battle. Although on this one, stand near to a monster it will chase you. For the battles, It's like turn based but the enemy doesn't wait for you and attacks you, which you can do the same, attack at any time you like etc.

Storyline - It's good but sometimes you can predict what's going to happen so it's no fun. I'm waiting for more chapters if it gets good.

Will highly recommend to my gacha friends

If you liked PC version and trying to play Wild Rift. Be sure to know that some of mechanics have remained the same but there are also different things that can affect your gameplay, like having fast paced game, some items that are not in PC etc.

Apart from sound and my teammates, I liked most of features of the game and would recommend this to a PC Player.

One of my favorite VN

I actually became interested in this VN because i watched the anime when it was ongoing, i saw in MAL that it has Romance but i didn't see any Romance. Then i searched and found out that it was a VN originally (MAL took down the romance genre iirc). The anime focused the Sports genre and if you're looking for unique sports themed anime then the anime is a good choice. Although i just played it now because i don't have a PC and just found that there's a Android Port of this.

However, if you are looking for the romance, Play the VN and it will be worth of your time.

I liked Mashiro's and Misaki's route particularly since not only Mashiro and Misaki had development, Masaya (The protagonist) also have development. I'm not saying that he didn't have development in other routes but these are routes have the development he needed IMO.

Blue Archive | Japanese


First of all, I'm being biased because of Yostar, as they are my fave devs in all.

Graphics 5/5 - Man their L2D is so way much better than the other games, is also a selling point of this game, many will prolly whale for skins if they implement.

Sound 5/5 - Home/Lobby BGM is vibing, Battle BGM in City is lit, and also the BGM of Lobby depends if characters have L2D so you can't be sick of their Soundtracks.

Gameplay 5/5 - let's say its kinda priconne + starira rip off .. The animation when using skill is kinda good, even though you don't read story, you'll have a clue what kind of personality they have when using skill animation.

Storyline 5/5 - Each character has different story and can be unlocked by increasing bond with em. For the main story, it's all good [開心], imma theorize that u prolly came from future but with no memories. The first girl you will see when you start the game is prolly Arona since they have the same voice.

It was all good until you reached the first dungeon of the game (something control is the name of the dungeon). Like man, i thought the auto path is just like from PC, you can auto path when doing quests but not in dungeon. But nah, this is the type of the game which you can literally just auto path everything (type of game which i hate most). Betrayed my expectations easily.

You can't even complete quests sometimes since the dungeon is not like PC, where the dungeon is kinda private or something. Imagine if dungeon is public and you need to kill 3 monsters but there's too many players and the monsters die so quickly that you can't complete your quest [大哭] if you can imagine it, you know what im talking about.

so except the gameplay, The Graphics, Sounds, but dunno about the storyline since it's KR version, was all good. They hit my expectations and i got some nostalgia since i didnt played the PC for a long time.

I know comparing PC to mobile is kinda toxic and i can just play PC version but i really have high expectations for this.

P.S my bad for my broken english doe [委屈]

One of the best rhythm-gacha game in mobile.. The rewards are also great, not only that, there's even a competitive events and rewards from it.

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