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It's an idle game. It's not bad, but it's really not my cup of tea. The girls art is good, and the gameplay is simple. If you want to play easy game, then this game is for you.

I may not play NieR series. But I know the story is good so I tried to play this game. Warning: Don't set the game graphic to High if you smartphone is potato. because it will process the game SO SLOW that you will stress when you play the game.

I can say it par with Blue Oath. The 3D is beautiful and the battle is smooth if you put 2x speed on it. If it slow, it feels like it's clunky. And here the scary part of this game for the graphic. If you setting it high with you potato smartphone. IT WILL BE LAGGY I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT!

The gameplay is interesting. You know, JRPG style. And I think, there's no battle turn like you see in every JRPG style game. And it's real time battle, which mean: It's not Turn battle, and they will attack by themselves. The skill however, is manual. So you have to click it. You can however, make it auto. So just enjoy the game and watch. Also, when you move the character in the Main Lobby (Yes, the main lobby is part of the game and you have to move your character to the quest) be very watchful of the Crow, as the crow bring you some item.

(Some say it's boring. But for it's not. Each people have different taste.)

It's . . . . . How do I said it? NieR alike? In my defense, it's eerie. But somehow, very . . . Relaxing? It's bring the game alive as the game NieR series always have that eerie vibe on it. But for some reason, it's relaxing for me.

It's NieR. So I don't have to say it in here . . . As i never play one. But from what i read on wikia, it's sad and /or anti climax . . . And when I play this game. Damn. Kinda sad yo.

At the very least, it's 4 star for me.

About the Gacha. The gacha is mix of Chara and Weapons in one banner. So basically, it's like FGO all over again which Chara and Card is in one banner. So take it with a grain of salt.

PS: Long Tutorial. But worth it. At the least, you still can Gacha.

Lord of Heroes


I play this game because MMOByte play this game and it got me interested. And then, I love to play this. But I'm not so hooked with the game because the play is kinda slow, and it hate emulator so this game is now drowning by other games that I invest more into it. So, let's talk about it!


THE GAME GRAPHIC IS AWESOME! I will not tell lies on it! 3D on this game is not hurt your eyes, you can believe me. infact, for smartphone graphic, this is way too much for the graphic in positive way. The movement, the detail, and that face expression, all of this is really leveling up!

But, with great graphics, come great heat. Yes, it will make your phone heat faster because the processor have to work hard and it will decrease you smartphone life so you can't play too much for it if you using some non-gaming smartphone. Yes, at the least, gaming smartphone is needed for.


I kinda neutral in here. While the sound on the character is not that bad, they still not install other language pack on the game. Yes, this is still a Beta. But people want other language on it. Maybe some people just want to English Dub or someone just wanna hear Japanese Dub because they used to it.

I'm not saying Korean Dub is bad. It's just, it not ringing very well in some people who already heard anime so much. But, i can see the potential because this is still beta, and they are yet to come! Especially, this game already become Global!


TURN BASED STRATEGY! They using the old gameplay and it sits well to me! Turn Based Strategy is the one of many important gameplay style that have to be right when some developer using this type of the gameplay. if they doing it wrong, it will be very boring to play the game. but if they do it right, heck, even I can play it for hours. But why I give it 4 stars?

The pace is slow for me. Yes, it is Turn based Strategy, but for me, the pace is slow. So because of that, I give it 4 stars for it.


I can say, it not that bad. The story about the Lord want to unite the continent for freedom, but there's some circumstances that the Lord have to face off. This kind of circumstances can be play by deploy messenger for Alliance treaty, of declare war. And because I'm more to freedom, I always send messenger to form alliance. Not that some country agree to it though so I have to fight them ;D.

The story is not bad, but not that satisfying. But who knows, they will make the story better?


I will put this on two stars. Don't get me wrong, I like this game. And when I wake up, I always open this game first rather than others. But, just that's it. The problem is, my phone will be hot in a minute if i play this game, and I don't wanna cut the phone life. And, for some reason, the game developer hate emulator, that they have their own appguard to prevent us to play in emulator. But this is kinda backfired for them cause people would rather play in Emulator for not only to prevent heat on the phone, but also it's more like to more efficient to play in Emulator because sometimes, you need your phone to do other tasks. So for me, the values in not that good.

Also, the character you get can get from the story so you don't have to spend much money on it. Even the equipment can get from dungeon. So yeah, the value is really that low.

I wanna see how they can manage the game. I wanna see how they can make the player not leaving this game. I wanna see how they survive. because this game had a lot of potential, and I worry about their future.

World Witches UNITED FRONT is maybe a decent Strike Witches games that I play in SP (Smartphone). The only one that I play Strike Witches games is the MOBAGE one that really not my style and it's even not Mobile Game, it's Browser Game.

Anyway, here's my review on the game based on my opinion.


Not bad. Not bad at all. The 3D is not clunky in my eyes. And it's not heavy at all. The detail on the model is very clear, especially the *PANTSU* section LOLZ. I already said it's not heavy at all. It because in my experience, 3D graphic is always heavy in my SP. Take example, Blue Oath.

Blue Oath 3D is great, but my SP have a little bit problem with the graphic so sometime it will stop in the middle for a few second or there will be lag on the game itself. That's why i prefer play in PC rather than on SP. Now looking at WWUF (World Witches UNITED FRONT), the graphic is not heavy at all. Infact, there's no lag or stop in the middle for a moment. So it's very not heavy in my opinion.


It's overview on the top. So you can't see the beautiful of 'B*t'. So it's kinda shame. But the gameplay is easy and simple. Even the tutorial is not long. Just simple as that. And also, there's an auto option, so you just have to be relax while playing the game in auto mode. But, sometimes, you have to play it manual because some mission needed to do manually. But, it also fun doing manually so not problem in there.


Kinda funny about this one. So basically, the Witches were transport to another paralel world where there's no Witches and no Neuroi. So when I play this game, I was suprise that the developer decide to make it other world development. I think the developer want us to involved on it so it make us as commander of the witches. LoLz.


I kinda have conflict in here. In my opinion, you don't have to bought some credit for gacha because the chara star can be upgrade so you don't have to 'Invest' on this game. But on the other hand, I want my WAIFU! So a little 'Invest' will not harm my wallet . . . Maybe. So there you are. you don't have to 'Invest' too much in here, but if you want to get your waifu, then a little 'Invest' will not be a problem. After all, we all want to support this game too, right?

And that's my own review based on my opinion itself. If some of you doesn't like it, don't take to heart because each opinion is different.

Enjoy the game! Cause i do enjoy it!

Final Gear | Japanese



. . . . *Cough* Right, let's get started shall we?

Final Gear may be not the best, but the game is great! Why I say this? Cause there maybe some game that can be good than this so I will not say this the best of the games out there. But, I can say this is the best games in this year 2020! And why it's the best in my opinion? Let me write my Opinion on the game.


The Graphics is great. not so awesome, but it's very friendly-smartphone-oh-God-thank-you can handle it. It's a 2D graphic animation but have a depth on it. So the game is not punishing your old smartphone. The character also not so bad. I mean, how come I spent my $100 just to get the accumulate character on the go? . . . . . . . Skip that. The battle itself, really not punishing either. usually, when the Graphic is higher, it will make FPS drop down. But, for this game, it's not. Maybe a little cause I I don't have any spec to see the FPS, but, the game run smoothly that even when I change the to High, it doesn't affect the game . Thumbs up for that!


LOVE IT! . . . *Cough* Kay. The gameplay is simple enough that you don't have to learn it too much. Unless when you get the armor that have a status, otherwise, it so simple. Firstly first, I'm gonna make this into few segment. From The Mecha, The Chara, and the Battle itslef. So let's go!

1.1 The Mecha.
Usually, when you play any mecha game in the mobile, you have limited option to costumize your mecha (Except Gundam Battle Gunpla). But in this game, you can costumize your Mecha suit depending of your character class have. Example, if your character is fighter, you can change the armor and the weapons according to the rank so you can advance to the harder mission.

Also, each character have their own mecha! So it's like this. When I spent my money on the accumulate character, she have her own mecha suit. And when you put her mecha suit on, it will have a change button on the middle of the bottom of the screen, and when you touch it, it will change to her own customization of her mecha. More over, this suit is twice stronger than the normal one and have awesome animation when they us their skills! BOOYA!

1.2 Character.

Not going to detail on this, but here's what I can see from my prespective. Each chara have their own style of fighting. Example, the accumulate chara is a Zooks chara. While the others like the samurai girl (I think her name is Ayaka?) is close fighter. Each of the chara have their own trait and each of it have different skill.

Example. I have two Guardians. One is the one we get for free, and the one I get from Gacha. The first Guardian have skill that it can throw a device as a decoy and lure the enemy to it. While the other one have a Kitty healing skills (YES! KITTY! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!) So each chara have a different skill that will benefir for the team.

"Wait, that's normal. Every character have their own skills. So why you bringing this up?"

Cause the chara that have special armor have an Animation skills! Like the first one you get for free, the face of Shimakaze face but with white hair. When she without her own mecha, her special skills, it's a normal skills where she summons her blade funnel over the enemy. And this skills is almost basically the same as other fighter chara that i have. But what happen when i equipped her with her own mecha? The animation is on and the skills became different! So each chara have or got different skills, but only chara with their special suit have animation on it!

1.3 Gameplay.

This . . . THIS . . . THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a simple gameplay actually (FUK MEN, SO WHY ARE YOU BUILDING THE TENSE UP!?) It's so simple, that I actually like it! AND YEAH, MY WRITING SO I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! WHAT!? YOU DON'T LIKE IT!? Fine, take it with a grain of salt*

Joke aside, this game is 2D scroll gameplay with some strategy on it. First of all, you have to select your team of your choice. And here comes a strategy game. Like I said, each chara have their class and have their unique skills that can be helped in the battle. So choose carefully.

Second one is the overview battle map. In this one, you choose your team to put in the map, and then you move your team to either battle the enemy or occupied some territory or place to get advantage. If you don't like moving the character, in mission briefing, choose escort mission and attach your team to the bus so it will move alone with the bus and you can leave it as it is.

Then, into the battle! The battle is not that hard. It's simple 2D scrooling and you control your chara on it. You can also Auto the play so you just have to sit back, and relax.


Now on the value. Will you 'Investment' really worth in the game? Depend. I burn my money just to get the accumulate chara because i like the chara and yeah, it's worthed for me. But if you are casual gamer, don't do what I do. If you want that chara, just accumulate it few by few. And for the gacha. Wel, it's a Gacha so if you want to 'invest' on it, then do it. No one gonna stop you to get your waifu.

Oh, I also heard that in CH ver, that there's already event with Evangelion. Better save your crystal cause you need it if there's your waifu on the gacha.

And that's that. That's my review for this game. And yes, it based on my opinion so don't take it as a whole! Each people have different taste on the game and each people have like or dislike on them. If it's help you though, happy to help!

Yeeees, i can see some westerner are hating this game LOLZ. But I can blame them, this is not what they expected. They want FPS, not this tactical BS! And of course, I LOVE IT!

I love Tactical RPG. So this game is right on my alley. but for some people, they want FPS and they are dissapiointed by it. So I'm not blaming them.

MOVING ON! Like I said, I love Tactical RPG. And this game is what i need. Eventhough it's not very tactical because we can't control it, we still can use tactical skill like Air bomber or healing thing. So the gameplay is not the really bad! But I prefer that i can move my unit into the cover so the won't get hit.

The character you get is the character from the game. Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, you name it. Even the enemy is from the game. That's right. Not only you can get the Elite team from the 'Heroes', but you can get from the 'Enemy' unit. WIN-WIN SOLUTION!

Also, you can raise the star of the character that you want, liek from 2 star into 3 star, and many more! Also, you can get the character from the mission or from the evnets so no big deall for that! Right? Right? WRONG!

Now, I'm already said the Pro one, now into the Con one.

And I'm not exaggerating about it. First of all, I already said that you can raise you unit stars. But, here's the thing. Each mission can only give you 3 (or 4) attempts. And after that, you have to wait tomorrow. The problem is, the rate of the unit exp for raising the unit star is LOW. So how you gonna raise the unit star for that? The answer? VENDOR! And they have thing for RAISING THE UNIT STAR BUNDLE! AKA, SPEND YOUR MONEY SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GRINDING LIKE A STUPID IN THE GAME!

And there's more! If you buy the BUNDLE, It also provide some materials that you don't have to GRIND FOR IT! FOR EXAMPLE! WEAPON UPGRADE! EVEN IN DAILY, YOU ONLY GET SMALL PORTION FOR IT!

And that's why this game is pay-to-win in my opinion! i love to play this game, and I still play this game. But the pay-to-win realyy turning off. But neverthless, I may have to BUY the BUNDLE because there's some operative that I want in the game. Still, MTFKR PAY-TO-WIN! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!



The game is AFK game but in order to open new stage, you have to battle each stage. So basically not that bad game.

"Wait a minute? You said it's a afk game? So why we have to battle to open the stage? Isn't this like RPG battle?"

Aaaa, sorry. What I mean is, this is a RPG battle. But you don't have to collect resources by grinding it. You just have to wait for it, and you get the resources. So basically, it's semi AFK game. But to get the other resources, you need to open the other stage first. So you have to battle first to open the stage.

"Wait a minute! Resources for what?"

Well, to make your weapons, armor, and accessories duh! You can't expect to your waifu to fight emty handed and no armor right?

Anyhow, for the character detail, this is great. The Waifu is Waifable, andyou can choose between big boobs or small boobs! So it's a win-win! The only problem is, the Gacha. The gacha need a ticket, and a ticket need a diamond. And there's no friends Gacha or Money Gacha so good luck getting SSR.

That's it for my newbie review. Hope you all enjoy the game!

Not bad. The game is turn Based strategy, and the gameplay is great. The only problem is about the emulator only. I really need this to be compatible with Nox or Bluestack. Others, not bad.

Monster Hunter Riders


I love this game. Well, basically, this game series. The game went on with smooth and there's nothing wrong or bugs that hinder the gameplay (for now). The problem is, the game is not compatible with Nox emulator so that's a little bit sad because I still have my fav game for heavy exp grinding.

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Thank you, and Goodbye Kadokawa decided to end the Game. I feel like, I lost some of game that I love. But with many of the game out there, it's bound to get down. Thank you for the memory, and thank you for all of it.  Read Note
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