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Japanese mobile game player...Anime watcher...Manga reader...FAVORITE ANIME - YuYuYu,MHA,AL,New Game! & Nagatoro...I simp for my waifu Elly the maid!!
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Japanese mobile game player...Anime watcher...Manga reader...FAVORITE ANIME - YuYuYu,MHA,AL,New Game! & Nagatoro...I simp for my waifu Elly the maid!!
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Mortal Kombat: Onslaught


The graphics, sound and gameplay are really good.
The storyline is good so far, not great, but not bad either. The materials and upgrade items to get your characters stronger could be easier to obtain. And at least for me personally, summoning orbs are not easy to come by. Which means not very much character summoning going on. All in all, not bad, but could definitely use some improving to make it better. I'm trying to give it a chance because I'm an og Mortal Kombat fan.

Been contemplating about this game for awhile now. But how can you possibly pass up on the boobas. So here we go. I'll update after playing for a bit.

DC Heroes & Villains


Just started playing a few days after global release. Graphics are really good. Story so far is good. Easy gameplay, very easy to understand, not confusing. But I've hit a power wall pretty early. Looks to possibly be a game that is either p2w or takes grinding on easier levels to get stronger, idk. It's too early to tell, to be honest. Will give it more time before deciding if it's a game to keep playing or not.

First game/app I've ever given 5* on. It is very f2p friendly, very generous with rewards and getting characters. And for me, best feature is that upgrading the characters is super easy. The graphics are amazing and gameplay is simple as well.

And for those having download errors/issues, there's an easy fix...move to America.


Edit: Upgrading characters slows down a bit the higher level you go, if your f2p. If your p2w, well, obviously it's still easy. Going on 2 weeks since game launch, there seems to be ALOT of p2w. But that's ok, go at your own pace. Also...


Bowling Crew


One of the better bowling games out there. Graphics, good, sound, good, gameplay, good. Like most bowling games, they give out different looking balls that have different stats. The paint scheme on these balls are pretty cool looking. Overall, pretty good game.

Golf Impact - World Tour


Graphics are really good. The game mechanics are pretty easy to figure out. They are generous with rewards as well. I've played almost 20 pvp matches and have only lost once. So far, pretty easy to win. Anyone who gives a bad review...they just don't know how to play.
Edit: Ok, so winning starts to be a little less easier as you move up the ranks, which is probably obvious as your taking on more experienced players. But still a good game nevertheless.

Rocket League Sideswipe


I mainly only downloaded for crossover rewards for Fortnite and Rocket League on PC.
Overall it's an ok game. Takes practice to get good.



Graphics are pretty good. Sound? Have no idea, sound is always turned off. Gameplay is cringe at times, but what do you expect, Mr. Qoo is as cringe as it gets. Storyline? What storyline? Value? Hmm...
But seriously though, I come for the gacha cards, the beautiful, beautiful gacha cards. Oh and to download anime games, cuz this is the only place to download anime games, duh. Oh and Elly, I LOVE Elly!!!

Battle Breakers


I'm still trying it out but thought I'd give my early opinion. They got good graphics, a very wide range of characters to use, and the theme song is catchy as hell. I keep singing the song in my head, even when not playing the game.
As far as gameplay goes, I seem to lose more often or lose about the same as I win. Don't know if it's because the game is hard or I'm doing something wrong.
Also there's a lot to this game in regards to items you get and how to use them. Also the map is huge.
Will keep playing and see what happens.

App comes in real handy for those a part of the english speaking communities of these Japanese only mobile games. I only really use it for this.

Played this a few years ago, I loved an extent. The story was REALLY long, to the point where I couldn't keep up with the new chapters that were released every month. The events were cool, but it always seemed like my favorite characters were always the hardest ones to get. The gacha system was so-so. But all in all was a very good game. It just became very repetitive for me.

Loved Smash Rising, but it was dropped. This game was released so had to give it a go. Not to many people like this game, but I didn't think it was that bad. It's no Smash Rising, but for me, nothing will...most likely. The graphics, look and feel of the gameplay and characters imo, is really good. Gacha system kinda sucks though.

Was saddened when Smash Rising was dropped. Then Ultra Impact was released. There was hope. I know alot of people love this game, but for me not so much. Don't really like the graphics, or the look of the characters. Other than that, the game is ok. It does have potential though.

Azur Lane | English


They are girls, yet they are also ships. And there are ALOT of them. Like over 400 of them. And they add new ones all the time. That's crazy. Artwork is beautiful. Can almost guarantee you won't be able to choose just one as your favorite.

Love the characters, love the gameplay, love all of the different game modes.

Google Translate


Works great for these Japanese mobile games that I can't read because the text is in, guess what, Japanese. Like all the features that are on this app, even the ones I don't regularly use. Definitely would recommend even if you only really use it the way that I do. ( For these Japanese mobile games.)

Love the anime so thought I'd love the game. I LIKED the game. Problem for me is...takes to long to max out the cards, thats just my opinion. Maybe a little to repetitive. Other than that, is good.

A lot of people complained about this game, but I highly enjoyed it. Easy to play, easy to upgrade, could get strong without feeding a bunch of money into the game.

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